This comprehensive reference work gives an overview of the industrial development and current state of industrialization and deindustrialization in Asia, specifically Southeast Asia and China. It introduces typologies of industrial policies and discusses the manufacturing sector and its evolving role in the region. Designing Integrated Industrial Policies examines the integration of SMEs in global value chains and provides macro-econometric and firm-based micro-econometric analyses of (de)industrialization.

This book will be a very useful reference particularly as a how-to guide on industrial promotion and designing integrated industrial policies not only for economic growth and job creation but also for "inclusive" development. It presents country cases and illustrates useful tools for industrial policy simulation and for evidence-based policy making through these concrete examples.

part Part I|132 pages

Industrial promotion in retrospect and prospect

chapter 1|43 pages


Leading issues in industrial promotion in today’s globalized world
ByShigeru Thomas Otsubo, Christian Samen Otchia

chapter 2|49 pages

The state of global manufacturing and risks of deindustrialization in the developing world

ByChristian Samen Otchia, Shigeru Thomas Otsubo

chapter 3|38 pages

The importance of manufacturing development and structural change for pro-poor growth

ByNobuya Haraguchi, Juergen Amann

part Part II|263 pages

Designing integrated industrial policies in Asia and the Pacific

chapter 4|20 pages

A de facto industrial policy and its effects on the least developed countries

ByNobuaki Matsunaga, Kana Haraguchi

chapter 5|31 pages

Towards pro-poor industrial policies in Indonesia

Progress, challenges, and future directions
ByAnang Gunawan, Rulyusa Pratikto, Teguh Dartanto

chapter 6|31 pages

Industrial policy and development in Laos

Trade, industrial estates, and enterprise development
BySouksavanh Vixathep, Alay Phonvisay

chapter 7|27 pages

Promoting local SMEs through GVCs

A framework and case study of Laotian SMEs
ByChanhphasouk Vidavong, Shigeru Thomas Otsubo

chapter 8|26 pages

The role of Thailand’s industrial promotion policies in ASEAN

ByChalaiporn Amonvatana

chapter 9|28 pages

Thailand’s industrial policy

Its history and recent development
ByNalitra Thaiprasert, Phanida Roidoung

chapter 11|28 pages

“Made in China 2025” and the recent industrial policy in China

ByKucuk Ali Akkemik, Murat Yülek

chapter 12|31 pages

Promoting exports by the ASEAN SMEs

Impediments, drivers, and conducive policies
ByUtumporn Jitsutthiphakorn, Shigeru Thomas Otsubo