Developing Practical Nursing Skills helps you learn and perfect the practical skills required to become a qualified nurse. Adopting a patient-focused and caring approach, this essential text helps you integrate nursing values alongside physical skills in your daily practice.

Now in its fifth edition, the text takes into account the NMC standards of proficiency and is relevant to nurses across all fields. Key features of the book include: i) New chapters on mental health assessment and end-of-life care, along with expanded content on sleep, pain and medication management. ii) Full-colour text design with clear illustrations and clinical photographs to aid visual learning. iii) Reader-friendly style with learning outcomes, activities and reflection points to help you link theory to practice. iv) Scenarios from a range of settings, including community, mental health and learning disabilities nursing. v) A focus on adults and young people, and with 'pointers' on caring for children and pregnant women to promote a lifespan approach.

This is a complete clinical skills resource for all pre-registration nursing students. It is also a useful text for nursing associate and healthcare support workers.

chapter 1|36 pages

Practical nursing skills: a caring approach

ByLesley Baillie

chapter 2|56 pages

Communication: a person-centred approach

ByNicola Neale, Joanne Sale

chapter 3|41 pages

Fundamentals of mental health assessment for non–mental health practitioners

ByJoanne Sale, Skye Capolucci

chapter 4|66 pages

Measuring and monitoring vital signs

BySue Maddex

chapter 5|65 pages

Meeting personal needs: hydration and nutrition

BySue Maddex

chapter 6|85 pages

Meeting personal needs: elimination

ByRachel Busuttil Leaver

chapter 7|35 pages

Meeting personal needs: hygiene

ByMoira Walker

chapter 8|30 pages

Promoting comfort and sleep

ByScott Elbourne

chapter 9|31 pages

Assessing and managing pain

ByLindsey Pollard, Harriet Barker

chapter 10|61 pages

Medicines management

ByKirsty Andrews, Martina O’Brien

chapter 11|48 pages

Caring for people with impaired mobility

ByRowena Slope, Katherine Hopkinson

chapter 12|72 pages

Infection prevention and control

ByJennifer Wyeth

chapter 13|47 pages

Principles of wound care

ByAby Mitchell

chapter 14|72 pages

Assessing and responding to sudden deterioration in the adult

BySue Maddex

chapter 15|44 pages

Managing care at the end of life

ByScott Elbourne, Gavin Walker