Culture refers to not only the arts but also other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. It similarly refers to the customs, institutions, and achievements of a social group, a people, or a nation. Innovation refers to the action or process of change, alteration, or revolution; a new method of idea creation or product that may bring about change. It is easy to assume that innovation may be juxtaposed to the preservation of culture and time-tested rituals. Yet as human settlements grew; and as streets and squares evolved through the diverse exchanges of people trading, celebrating, rallying and socially interacting, it should come as little surprise that cities and its places would become, and continue to be, centres of culture and innovation that can be inextricably linked. Culture and Innovation in cities can potentially take on different complexions if viewed through the lens of academics and practitioners drawn from different geographies, disciplines, or fields of expertise when addressing particular urban challenges. It is through this complexity of views that this book seeks to provide a broad perspective on culture and innovation in the context of global cities today; and a rich cornucopia of insights from thought leaders within their respective fields to shape the cities of tomorrow.

chapter |2 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter Chapter 1.0|30 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter 1.1|16 pages

Where is the Trust? for the Good of the People

ByStephen Naylor, Sandra Harding

chapter Chapter 2.0|36 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter 2.1|16 pages

Building Empowering Media Ecosystems for Cities

ByEmmanuel Benbihy

chapter 2.2|18 pages

Enhancing the Identity of Cities through Creative Media Installations

ByTim Heath, Evangelia Pavlaki

chapter Chapter 3.0|34 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter 3.1|16 pages

Living Better Through Sport

ByLim Teck Yin

chapter 3.2|16 pages

The Science of Street Life and the Rebirth of the Boulevard

ByTim Stonor

chapter Chapter 4.0|32 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter 4.1|14 pages

Traditional Islamic Values for Passive Environmental Design

ByHisham Mortada

chapter 4.2|16 pages

Landscape Cities

ByAndrew Grant

chapter Chapter 5.0|34 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter 5.1|14 pages

Designing Emergent Futures for Productive Cities

ByTomas Diez

chapter Chapter 6.0|36 pages


ByJason Pomeroy

chapter 6.1|18 pages

Digital Economies and City Development: A Perspective from Africa and the Middle East

BySamvit Kanoria, Prakash Parbhoo

chapter 6.2|16 pages

The Rise of the Digital Economy and its Impact on the Smart City

ByJason Pomeroy

chapter |6 pages


ByKayla Friedman