This vital volume advances understanding of how parenting from childhood to adolescence changes or remains the same in a variety of sociodemographic, psychological, and cultural contexts, providing a truly global understanding of parenting across cultures.

Through the Parenting Across Cultures project, the editors unveil findings from this hugely important comparative longitudinal study of parents and children in China, Colombia, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, the Philippines, Sweden, Thailand, and the United States. The volume offers insight into trajectories of parenting, exploring parents’ warmth, control, rules setting, and knowledge of children’s activities and whereabouts. Each chapter is authored by a contributor native to the country examined, guaranteeing an authentic emic perspective, and together the chapters provide a broader sample that is more generalizable to a wider range of the world’s population than is typical in most parenting research.

Parenting Across Cultures From Childhood to Adolescence is essential reading for researchers and students of parenting, psychology, human development, family studies, sociology, and cultural anthropology, as well as professionals working with families.

chapter 11|37 pages

Change Over Time In Four Domains Of Parenting In Diverse International Contexts

Specificity and Universality, Country and Culture, Determinants, Strengths, and Limitations, Future Directions and Implications