Remembering the English Civil Wars is the first collection of essays to explore how the bloody struggle which took place between the supporters of king and parliament during the 1640s was viewed in retrospect.

The English Civil Wars were perhaps the most calamitous series of conflicts in the country’s recorded history. Over the past twenty years there has been a surge of interest in the way that the Civil Wars were remembered by the men, women and children who were unfortunate enough to live through them. The essays brought together in this book not only provide a clear and accessible introduction to this fast-developing field of study but also bring together the voices of a diverse group of scholars who are working at its cutting edge. Through the investigation of a broad, but closely interrelated, range of topics – including elite, popular, urban and local memories of the wars, as well as the relationships between civil war memory and ceremony, material culture and concepts of space and place – the essays contained in this volume demonstrate, with exceptional vividness and clarity, how the people of England and Wales continued to be haunted by the ghosts of the mid-century conflict throughout the decades which followed.

The book will be essential reading for all students of the English Civil Wars, Stuart Britain and the history of memory.

chapter |22 pages


Remembering the English Civil Wars
ByLloyd Bowen, Mark Stoyle

chapter 1|20 pages

Civilian Memories of the British Civil Wars, 1642–1660

ByImogen Peck

chapter 2|17 pages

‘When the Scotts Army did March Thorow Our County’

Space, place and remembering in the English Civil War
ByAnn Hughes

chapter 3|21 pages

History, Politics and Power

Shaping the recent past in Civil War Pembrokeshire
ByLloyd Bowen

chapter 4|20 pages

‘Extreme Trials of Fidelity’?

Captain Bartholomew Gidley and royalist memories of the English Civil War
ByMark Stoyle

chapter 5|21 pages

‘All Forms Accustomed’

Ritual, precedent and the past at the coronation of Charles II
ByAlice Hunt

chapter 7|23 pages

From Revolutionary Bulwark to Loyalist Bastion

The Restoration refashioning of the London Artillery Company, 1660–1685
ByIsmini Pells

chapter 8|23 pages

‘Memories of the Maimed’

The testimony of Charles I's former soldiers, 1660–1730
ByMark Stoyle