Social Ecology and Education addresses "ecological understanding" as a transformative educational issue: a learning response to emerging insights into social-ecological relationships and the future of life on our planet.

In the face of the existential threats posed by climate change, loss of biodiversity, pandemids and the associated ecological and social challenges; there is a need to extend our responses beyond scientific inquiry and technological initiatives. This book seeks to move the dialogue towards a deeper and broader understanding of the complexities of the issues involved. To achieve this, the book discusses issues rarely addressed through programs in "Education for Sustainability" and "Environmental Education," such as student defined knowledge systems, deep engagement with the implications of indigenous understandings, climate change as symptomatic of broad epistemological problems, social disengagement and differentiated barriers to meaningful change. This work is enriched by its focus on the learning and the learning systems that have led to our current predicament.

This book seeks to initiate considerations of this kind, to invigorate education for sustainable, equitable, healthy and meaningful futures. As such, this book will be of great interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of education and environmental courses.

part 1|64 pages

Transforming learning

chapter 21|12 pages

(Edge)Ucation by Design

chapter 2|13 pages

Teaching Social Ecology

chapter 4|14 pages

What was Education For?

Learning in the shadow of climate change

part 2|46 pages

Transforming Practice

chapter 666|13 pages

Community Education and Partnerships for Sustainable Development

A way forward for Indigenous Asia

chapter 7|9 pages

Leadership of the Future, for the Future

An insight into a unique transformative learning programme for sustainability capability

chapter 8|12 pages

The Gift of Presence in Groups

An unfolding story of transformative learning

part 3|69 pages

Learning Nature–Culture

chapter 11210|8 pages

Being effective

Social ecological understanding in action

chapter 13|10 pages

Please Explain!

chapter 15|19 pages

Sustainability Work

An urgent need for a new profession