Brazilian Research on Creativity Development in Musical Interaction focuses on creativity that involves interactive musical activities, with different groups, such as professional musicians, students, and student teachers. It seeks to present research with a theoretical foundation on musical creativity and interaction, within psychology and music pedagogy. A collection of ten contributed essays present studies that promote understanding of the possibilities of creative development from the interactive process. All are undertaken within the context of teaching and learning, whether one-on-one or group lessons, ranging from elementary school music class, instrument study, choral singing, composition and teaching an autistic student.

chapter |3 pages


ByRosane Cardoso de Araújo

chapter 1|24 pages

Reflexive Interaction and Musical Creativity

A Study with Drums Students
ByJean Felipe Pscheidt, Rosane Cardoso de Araújo, Anna Rita Addessi

chapter 2|17 pages

Teaching with a Social Constructivist Vision of Learning

A Case Study of Beginning Guitar Class
ByDayane Battisti, Beatriz Ilari

chapter 3|19 pages

Critical Pedagogy in Action

A Study on Interaction and Dialogue in Musical Composition
ByViviane Beineke, Rafael Dias de Oliveira

chapter 4|34 pages

Creative Strategies for Learning Brazilian Popular Piano

ByDanilo Ramos

chapter 5|19 pages

Creative Practice and Reflexive Musical Interaction with an Adolescent with Autism

ByValéria Lüders, Camila Fernandes Figueiredo, Anna Rita Addessi

chapter 6|14 pages

Music, Movement and Creativity

ByRosane Cardoso de Araújo

chapter 7|17 pages

Interaction and Development of Musical Creativity in Elementary School

An Ethnography in a School Context
ByGuilherme Romanelli

chapter 8|20 pages

Collaborative Musical Composition at School

Theoretical and Methodological Interfaces in the Field of Creative Learning
ByViviane Beineke

chapter 9|19 pages

Creative Teaching in Music Education

A Study in a Choir Singing Context
ByFlávio Denis Dias Veloso, Flávia de Andrade Campos Silva

chapter 10|21 pages

Accounts of Music Knowledge Mobilization

Creativity as a Tool for Self-Regulating Learning
ByRegina Antunes Teixeira dos Santos

chapter |1 pages


ByRosane Cardoso de Araújo