Foundational and comprehensive, this volume provides a theoretical and practical overview of the current issues that dominate the field of teaching and learning Arabic grammar. Bringing together authorities on Arabic grammar from around the world, the book covers both historical contexts and current practices, and provides principles, strategies, and examples of current Arabic grammar instruction across educational settings. Chapter authors offer a range of perspectives on teaching approaches, implementing research findings in the classroom, and future challenges.

A much-needed volume to help students, teachers, and teacher educators develop their knowledge and skills, it addresses the most salient and controversial issues in the field, including: what grammar to teach, how much grammar to teach, how to address grammar in content-based or communication-based classroom, and how to teach variation in grammar. This resource is ideal for preservice Arabic language teachers as well as Arabic language professors and researchers.

part I|82 pages

Current Issues and Challenges Concerning the Place of Grammar in Arabic Language Instruction

chapter 3|17 pages

Modern Written Arabic Grammar

Corpus-Based Description

part II|85 pages

Learners' and Teachers' Perspectives

chapter 7|18 pages

Arabic Grammar Materials

Description and Analysis

part III|101 pages

Arabic Grammar and Pedagogical Considerations

part IV|64 pages

Assessing Grammar

chapter 14|19 pages

Assessing Grammar

An ACTFL Perspective

chapter 15|20 pages

Teaching and Assessing Arabic Grammar in the Classroom

A Holistic Approach