This book provides insights into how new ventures in emerging economies and developing countries generate social innovation. It showcases new forms of business and how they are different from traditional business models. With increasing drive for innovation in emerging markets and lack of knowledge of how these markets work, this book enriches existing literature by looking at how such businesses in developing economies break new ground in a daunting, resource constrained environment. The book examines successful individual entrepreneurs, social relationships, product innovation, processes, systems and markets through cases. It navigates across key theoretical elements including individual initiative-taking, agency, and opportunity contexts.

This book will be a useful reference to understanding the dynamics of new ventures in emerging markets and how they fuel social innovation and sustainable development.

part Part I|46 pages

Social Innovation in Emerging Economies and Developing Countries

chapter 1|11 pages

Social Innovation in Emerging Economies and Countries

ByHans Lundberg, Marcela Ramírez-Pasillas, Vanessa Ratten

chapter 2|16 pages

Finance for Social Innovation in Emerging Economies and Developing Countries

ByRiccardo Tipaldi, Rosalia Santulli, Carmen Gallucci

chapter 3|17 pages

Fostering Corporate Social Innovation through Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Developing Countries

ByJosé Manuel Saiz-Álvarez, Delia Lizette Huezo-Ponce, Jesús Manuel Palma-Ruiz

part Part II|68 pages

Social and Sustainable Innovation in the Americas

chapter 4|16 pages

Enabling Sustainable Innovation for Social Change

The Positive Deviance Approach
ByVictoria Konovalenko Slettli, Arvind Singhal

chapter 5|13 pages

Social Innovation in Indigenous Communities in Latin America

ByMario Vázquez-Maguirre, Selene Islas-Calderón

chapter 6|14 pages

Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation

An Option to Sustain Life and Dignify Living Conditions in Mexico and Argentina
ByLeïla Oulhaj

chapter 7|10 pages

A Solidarity Economy Framework to Social Innovation in the Fourth Sector in Mexico

ByMildred Daniela Berrelleza Rendón

chapter 8|13 pages

The Role of Social Remittances in Promoting Innovation and Transformative Societal Change

The Case of a Honduran Diaspora Knowledge Network
ByIngrid Fromm, Ricardo Cortez Arias, Luis Carlo Bulnes, Allan Discua Cruz

part Part III|48 pages

Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness and Bricolage in South Asia