This companion is a prestige reference work that offers students and researchers a comprehensive overview of the emerging co-created, multi-stakeholder, and sustainable approach to corporate brand management, representing a paradigm shift in the literature.

The volume contains 30 chapters, organised into 6 thematic sections. The first section is an introductory one, which underscores the evolution of brand management thinking over time, presenting the corporate brand management field, introducing the current debates in the literature, and discussing the key dimensions of the emerging corporate brand management paradigm. The next five sections focus in turn on one of the key dimensions that characterize the emerging approach to corporate brand management: co-creation, sustainability, polysemic corporate narratives, transformation (history and future) and corporate culture. Every chapter provides a deep reflection on current knowledge, highlighting the most relevant debates and tensions, and offers a roadmap for future research avenues. The final chapter of each section is a commentary on the section, written by a senior leading scholar in the corporate brand management field.

This wide-ranging reference work is primarily for students, scholars, and researchers in management, marketing, and brand management, offering a single repository on the current state of knowledge, current debates, and relevant literature. Written by an international selection of leading authors from the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, it provides a balanced, authoritative overview of the field and convenient access to an emerging perspective on corporate brand management.

part A|92 pages

An introduction to the corporate brand management field

chapter 1|21 pages

Towards a Paradigm Shift in Corporate Branding

ByOriol Iglesias, Nicholas Ind, Majken Schultz

chapter 2|18 pages

Demarcating the Field of Corporate Brand Management

ByRussell Abratt, Michela Mingione

chapter 3|17 pages

Corporate Brand Management from a Co-Creative Perspective

ByHans Mühlbacher

chapter 4|24 pages

Welcome to the Matrix*

How to find and use your corporate brand's core identity
ByMats Urde

chapter 5|10 pages

Commentary on 'Towards a Paradigm Shift in Corporate Brand Management'

ByJoachim Kernstock, Shaun Powell

part B|81 pages

Building brands together

chapter 7|20 pages

Brands in Action

Understanding corporate branding dynamics from an action net perspective
BySylvia von Wallpach, Andrea Hemetsberger

chapter 8|18 pages

Reconceptualizing Corporate Brand Identity from a Co-Creational Perspective

ByCatherine da Silveira, Cláudia Simões

chapter 9|20 pages

In Search of Corporate Brand Alignment

Philosophical foundations and emerging trends
ByMichela Mingione, Russell Abratt

chapter 10|5 pages

Commentary on 'Co-Creating Corporate Brands with Multiple Stakeholders'

ByFrancisco Guzmán

part C|81 pages

Building strong corporate brands

chapter 11|18 pages

B*Canvas 2.0

Holistic and co-created brand management tool and use cases for corporate brands
ByCarsten Baumgarth

chapter 12|16 pages

Brand Experience Co-Creation at the Time of Artificial Intelligence

ByFederico Mangiò, Giuseppe Pedeliento, Daniela Andreini

chapter 13|17 pages

Honey or Condensed Milk? Improving Relative Brand Attractiveness through Commercial and Social Innovations

BySeidali Kurtmollaiev, Line Lervik-Olsen, Tor W. Andreassen

chapter 14|21 pages

A Systematic Literature Review of Sustainability in Corporate Services Branding

Identifying dimensions, drivers, outcomes, and future research opportunities
ByStefan Markovic, Yuqian Qiu, Cristina Sancha, Nikolina Koporcic

chapter 15|7 pages

Building Strong Corporate Brands

Towards valuable and sustainable experiences
ByNicholas Ind

part D|86 pages

Polysemic corporate brand narratives

chapter 16|22 pages

Integrating Multiple Voices When Crafting a Corporate Brand Narrative

ByPaul A. Argenti

chapter 17|19 pages

Corporate Brand Management and Multiple Voices

Polyphony or cacophony?
ByLine Schmeltz, Anna Karina Kjeldsen

chapter 18|21 pages

Polysemic Corporate Branding

Managing the idea
ByAlessandra Zamparini, Luca M. Visconti, Francesco Lurati

chapter 19|17 pages

Visitors' Destination Brand Engagement's Effect on Co-Creation

An empirical study
ByRaouf Ahmad Rather, Linda Hollebeek, Dale L.G. Smith, Jana Kukk, Mojtaba Ghasemi

chapter 20|5 pages

Corporate Brand Narratives

Polysemy, voice, and purpose
ByJoep Cornelissen

part E|74 pages

The temporality of corporate branding

chapter 21|19 pages

Towards a Co-Creational Perspective on Corporate Heritage Branding

ByMario Burghausen

chapter 23|17 pages

Closing Corporate Branding Gaps through Authentic Internal Brand Strategies

ByMichael B. Beverland, Pinar Cankurtaran

chapter 24|13 pages

When History Inspires Brand Strategy

Lessons for place brands and corporate brands
ByMihalis Kavaratzis

chapter 25|9 pages

Balancing the Past and Future in Corporate Branding

ByMajken Schultz

part F|88 pages

Branding inside-out

chapter 26|23 pages

Branding Inside-Out

Development of the internal branding concept
ByRico Piehler

chapter 27|17 pages

A Co-Creative Perspective on Internal Branding

ByHolger J. Schmidt, Pieter Steenkamp

chapter 29|16 pages

Co-Creating Conscientious Corporate Brands Inside-Out through Values-Driven Branding

ByGalina Biedenbach, Thomas Biedenbach

chapter 30|9 pages

Branding Inside-Out

Corporate culture and internal branding
ByCeridwyn King