This edited volume provides readers with a deeper knowledge of the growth of personality assessment in North America over the past 40 years through the autobiographies of its most notable figures.

Experts provide insights into their professional backgrounds, training experiences, their contributions and approaches to personality assessment, their perceptions of current trends, and their predictions about the future of the field. Each chapter explores topics of deep significance to the writer, fluidly intertwining theory and personal narrative.

Beginning clinicians, scholars, and students will gain a better understanding of the major empirical advances that were made during the last generation regarding key questions about the nature of people, the structure of personality traits, and the connections between personality and mental health.

chapter 2|28 pages

The Development of Therapeutic Assessment

From Shame and Isolation to Connection and Love 1

chapter 3|26 pages


The Heart of the Matter

chapter 4|30 pages

My Hobby

Listening for the MMPI's Questions

chapter 5|29 pages

Personality Assessment Land

chapter 6|8 pages

The Sands of Identity Keep Shifting

Late-Life Career Developments

chapter 8|18 pages

Thoughts from a Contrarian Generalist

A Roundabout Journey to Where I Am Now

chapter 10|25 pages

Influences and Inspirations

chapter 12|5 pages

A Long Life

Twists and Turns

chapter 13|19 pages

Thomas A. Widiger

Personality Assessment

chapter 14|33 pages

Evolving Convictions through Dogged Pursuit of Answers and Large Dollops of Luck

My Piece in the World of Personality and Psychopathology Assessment 1

chapter 16|28 pages

From Stable Traits to Spinning Vectors

A Measurement Driven Journey 1

chapter 17|7 pages

A Brief History of “Me”

chapter 18|24 pages

The Numbers and the Story

chapter 19|29 pages

Circle Songs and Sands of Time