The digital and increasingly digitised world is shaped by the interplay of new technological opportunities and ubiquitous societal trends. Both lead to drastic changes facing artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrencies and block-chain technologies, internet of things, technology-based surveillance, and other disruptive innovations. These developments facilitate the rise of the sharing economy and open for a variety of new entrepreneurial opportunities that businesses can take up. The novel entrepreneurial opportunities, however, imply a paradigmatic shift in the understanding of entrepreneurship.

This book combines digital entrepreneurship with the sharing economy. It presents cutting-edge research for scholars and practitioners interested in either one of the topics – digital entrepreneurship or sharing economy – or their connection. The book addresses three major ways to become entrepreneurial in the sharing economy: digital entrepreneurship through creating novel sharing-economy platforms; technology entrepreneurship through the exploitation of sharing-economy platforms; and business model innovation or business model change influenced by the sharing economy. The book also highlights governance questions on digital entrepreneurship in the sharing economy, which are highly relevant for businesses, the economy, and society. 

The book will be of interested to researchers, academics, and students in the field of business and entrepreneurship, with a special focus on digital entrepreneurship.

part I|75 pages

Conceptualisation of Digital Entrepreneurship and Sharing Economy

chapter 2|18 pages

Digital Subsistence Entrepreneurs in Developed Countries

Opportunities and Limitations of Peer-to-Peer Platforms

chapter 3|20 pages

Digital Entrepreneurship across P2P, B2C and B2B Contexts

A Bibliometric Analysis Deconstructing Extant Research on Sharing Economy Business Models

part II|90 pages

Digital Entrepreneurship and Sharing Economy

chapter 6|18 pages

How Can Digital Entrepreneurship Address Social Issues?

The Case of EkoHarita in Fighting Ecological Disruption

chapter 7|18 pages

Fostering Open Innovation in Digital Startups

An Explorative Study of Norwegian Coworking Spaces

chapter 8|15 pages

Gigging with an MBA

When Elite Workers Join the “Gig Economy for Finance People”

chapter 9|19 pages

Coworking Spaces in the Sharing Economy

Examples from an Emerging Country

part III|35 pages

Governance and Legal Structure

chapter 11|19 pages

U.S. Securities Crowdfunding

A Way to Economic Inclusion for Low-Income Entrepreneurs?