Featuring chapters by a diverse range of leading international artists and theorists, this book suggests that contemporary art is increasingly characterized by the problem of where and when it is situated.

While much advanced artistic speculation of the twentieth-century was aligned with the question “what is art?,” a key question for many artists and thinkers in the twenty-first century has become “where is art?” Contributors explore the challenge of meaningfully identifying and evaluating works located across multiple versions and locations in space and time. In doing so, they also seek to find appropriate language and criteria for evaluating forms of art that often straddle other realms of knowledge and activity.

The book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, contemporary art, art criticism, and philosophy of art.

chapter 1|3 pages


chapter 2|31 pages

Where Is Art?

chapter 5|18 pages


chapter 6|16 pages

Ice Boat

Field Notes (in Advance of a Melt)

chapter 8|19 pages


chapter 9|12 pages


chapter 10|17 pages

Beirut Lab: 1975 (2020)

Or: again, rubbed smooth, a moment in time__caesura

chapter 11|17 pages


chapter 14|8 pages

Erasure or Erased

An Artworld (AND WORLD) Adrift

chapter 15|11 pages

All the World's Futures