Hegemony and World Order explores a key question for our tumultuous times of multiple global crises. Does hegemony – that is, legitimated rule by dominant power – have a role in ordering world politics of the twenty-first century? If so, what form does that hegemony take: does it lie with a leading state or with some other force? How does contemporary world hegemony operate: what tools does it use and what outcomes does it bring?

This volume addresses these questions by assembling perspectives from various regions across the world, including Canada, Central Asia, China, Europe, India, Russia and the USA. The contributions in this book span diverse theoretical perspectives from realism to postcolonialism, as well as multiple issue areas such as finance, the Internet, migration and warfare. By exploring the role of non-state actors, transnational networks, and norms, this collection covers various standpoints and moves beyond traditional concepts of state-based hierarches centred on material power. The result is a wealth of novel insights on today's changing dynamics of world politics.

Hegemony and World Order is critical reading for policymakers and advanced students of International Relations, Global Governance, Development, and International Political Economy.

chapter |14 pages

Hegemony in World Politics

An introduction

part 1|84 pages

Hegemony as conceptual map

chapter 2|16 pages


A Conceptual and Theoretical Analysis and Its Application to the Debate on American Hegemony

chapter 3|17 pages

Unravelling power and hegemony

Why Shifting Power Relations do not Equal a Change of International Order

chapter 4|13 pages

Globalisation and the Decline of Universalism

New realities for hegemony

part 2|78 pages

Practices of hegemony

chapter 1006|17 pages

Hybrid War and Hegemonic Power

chapter 7|16 pages

Global Hegemony from a Longue Durée perspective

The dollar and the world economy

chapter 8|14 pages

The role of ideas

Western Liberalism and Russian Left Conservatism in Search of International Hegemony

chapter 9|16 pages

Twilight of Hegemony

The T20 and the defensive re-imagining of global order

part 3|75 pages

Hegemony in action

chapter 17811|16 pages

The US–China Trade War and Hegemonic Competition

Background, negotiations and consequences

chapter 12|13 pages

Competition in Convergence

US–China hegemonic rivalry in global capitalism

chapter 13|16 pages

India in the ‘Asian Century’

Thinking like a hegemon?

chapter 14|16 pages

On the Power of Improvisation

Why is there no hegemon in Central Asia?

chapter |12 pages


Hegemony and world order