This book is a pneumatological reflection on the use and abuse of the Spirit in light of the abuse of religion within South African Pentecostalism. Both emerging and well-established scholars of South African Pentecostalism are brought together to reflect on pneumatology from various approaches, which includes among others: historical, biblical, migration, commercialisation of religion, discernment of spirits and human flourishing.

From a broader understanding of the function of the Holy Spirit in different streams of Pentecostalism, the argument is that this function has changed with the emergence of the new Prophetic churches in South Africa.

This is a fascinating insight into one of the major emerging worldwide religious movements. As such, it will be of great interest to academics in Pentecostal Studies, Christian Studies, Theology, and Religious Studies as well as African Studies and the Sociology of Religion.

chapter 1|23 pages


The abuse of the Spirit in some New Prophetic Churches in South African Pentecostalism

chapter 2|29 pages

“The weird you shall always have”

A historical look into the causative factors behind neo-prophetic scandals in South Africa

chapter 3|20 pages

The abuse of the Spirit

An immigration-imported new wave or a development of pre-existing local beliefs?

chapter 4|20 pages

Whence have all the prophets come?

A reflection on neo-prophets and their oracular forms

chapter 5|22 pages

“Simon the Sorcerer offered them money” (Acts 8:19)

Some Pentecostals have gone commercial instead of evangelical

chapter 9|28 pages

The poor’s weapon against inequality?

A critique of the public role of neo-Pentecostalism in unequal South Africa

chapter |2 pages