This third edition again brings together interdisciplinary contributions to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted resource that reflects the breadth and depth of research on family communication and family relationships.

Chapters continue to address theoretical and methodological issues influencing current conceptions of family and cover communication occurring in a variety of family forms and across social, cultural, and physical contexts.

This third edition includes key updates, such as:

  • The use and influence of social media and technology in families
  • Parenting and communication in culturally and structurally diverse families
  • Communication and physical health of family members
  • Managing personal information about difficult topics in families
  • The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on family members

This handbook is ideal for students and researchers interested in interpersonal and family communication, relationships, and family therapy within the disciplines of communication, social psychology, clinical psychology, sociology, and family studies.

chapter |8 pages


part I|30 pages

Family Communication Theories and Methods

chapter 1|14 pages

Ten Years of Family Communication Research

Theories, Research Perspectives, and Trends

chapter 2|14 pages

Perspectives on Studying Family Communication

Methodologies, Methods, and Trends

part II|74 pages

Communication Across the Family Life Course

chapter 4|15 pages

Marital Communication

A Functionalist Perspective

chapter 5|14 pages

Becoming Parents

Risk, Protective Factors, and Key Methodological Considerations for Future Research

chapter 6|14 pages

Between Younger and Older Generations

Family Communication at Midlife

part III|88 pages

Communication in Various Family Forms

part V|79 pages

Family Communication Processes

part VI|119 pages

Communication and Contemporary Family Issues

chapter 25|14 pages

Work and Family Interaction

chapter 30|15 pages

Charting Dangerous Territory

The Family as a Context of Violence and Aggression

chapter 32|15 pages

Mental Health

part VII|15 pages

Epilogue and Commentary

chapter 33|13 pages

Epilogue The COVID-19 Pandemic and Family Communication Research

Initial Results and Directions for Future Research