Innovator Award for Outstanding Edited Collection, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Caucus, Central States Communication Association, 2023.

Outstanding Book in Performance Studies and Autoethnography, Performance Studies and Autoethnography Division, Central States Communication Association, 2023.

Book of the Year, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Communication Studies Division, National Communication Association, 2022.

Book of the Year, Ethnography Division, National Communication Association, 2020.

Gender Futurity, Intersectional Autoethnography showcases a collection of narrative and autoethnographic research that unpacks the complexity of gender at its intersections, i.e. by ability, race, sexuality, religion, beauty, geography, spatiality, community, performance, politics, socio-economic status, education, and many other markers of difference.

The book focuses on gender as it is lived, chaperoned, and chaperones other social identity categories. It tells stories that reveal problematic gender binaries, promising gender futures, and everything in between—they ask us to rethink what we assume to be true, real, and normal about gender identity and expression. Each essay, written by both gender variant and cisgender scholars, explores cultural phenomena that create space for us to re-imagine, re-think, and create new ways of being.

This book will be useful for undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional degree students, particularly in the fields of gender studies, qualitative methods, and communication theory.

chapter |16 pages


Gender Futurity, Intersectional Autoethnography

part Section I|70 pages

Existence as Disruption

chapter |13 pages

Disrupting Compulsory Performances

Snapshots and Stories of Masculinity, Disability, and Parenthood in Cultural Currents of Daily Life

chapter |18 pages

On Possibility

Queer Relationality and Coalition-Building in the University Classroom

chapter |14 pages

Dancing at the Intersections

Heteronormativity, Gender Normativity, and Fatness

chapter |16 pages

Are We Queer Yet?

Queerness on the Horizon in Academia

part Section II|56 pages

Identity Negotiation and Internal Struggles

chapter |14 pages

Dancing with My Gender Struggle

Attempts at Storying Queer Worldmaking

chapter |12 pages

Beauty in the Intersections

Reflections on Quiet Suffering

chapter |9 pages

Lone Star Feminist

Storming through Autoethnographic Performance

part Section III|52 pages

The Erotic as a Site for Normative Disruption

chapter |1 pages


chapter |14 pages

If Rigor is our Dream

Theorizing Black Transmasculine Futures through Ancestral Erotics

chapter |9 pages

In Defense of the Tranny Chaser

chapter |18 pages

Gender Fucked

Stories on Love and Lust or How We Released Expectation and Found Ourselves in Trans Sexual Relation

chapter |1 pages


chapter |2 pages

Untitled 2

part Section IV|62 pages

Queering History, Imagining Futures

chapter |1 pages

Black Girl Memory

chapter |4 pages

The Burgundy Coat

chapter |14 pages

Narrative Embodiment of Latinx Queer Futurity

Pause for Dramatic Affect

chapter |2 pages


chapter |17 pages

Writing a Hard and Passing Rain

Autotheory, Autoethnography, and Queer Futures

chapter |1 pages

Pay It No Mind

chapter |5 pages

Gender Futurity

A Plea for Pleasure