Originally published in 1984, the study of psychological aspects of health was a rapidly expanding enterprise. Most of the contributors to this volume were trained as social psychologists or by social psychologists. Some have been more applied in their focus or on the edge of several fields. All, however, share a common approach, focusing on the individual as he or she is buffeted about by social forces and copes with these forces. All consider situational and psychological factors in the determination of behavior, emotion, or cognition and all apply their expertise to the study of health-related issues.

The grouping of the chapters in this volume by the authors’ subspecialty, social psychology, is a somewhat unconventional method of clustering. Ordinarily, the materials presented here would be published in journals or texts concerned with behavior or psychosocial in health and medicine, or in specialty publications dealing with a particular disease or health issue. That clustering of articles is functional in providing information to those most likely to utilize it, but it diffuses the origin and background of the studies. These chapters speak to the diversity of health issues that are amenable to successful social psychological analysis.

chapter 1|22 pages

The Developing Field of Health Psychology

ByShelley E. Taylor

chapter 2|31 pages

Social Psychological Models of Health Behavior: An Examination and Integration

ByBarbara Strudler Wallston, Kenneth A. Wallston

chapter 3|30 pages

Practitioners, Patients, and Compliance with Medical Regimens: A Social Psychological Perspective

ByD. Dante DiNicola, M. Robin DiMatteo

chapter 4|28 pages

A Three-Stage Model of Treatment Continuity: Compliance, Adherence, and Maintenance

ByJean L. Kristeller, Judith Rodin

chapter 6|18 pages

Preferences for Self-Care and Involvement in Health Care

ByRoy Clymer, Andrew Baum, David S. Krantz

chapter 7|21 pages

Psychological Interventions and Coping with Surgery

ByJean E. Johnson

chapter 8|29 pages

Accuracy of Symptom Perception

ByJames W. Pennebaker

chapter 9|34 pages

Illness Representations and Coping With Health Threats

ByHoward Leventhal, David R. Nerenz, David J. Steele

chapter 10|15 pages

Social Support, Stress and the Buffering Hypothesis: A Theoretical Analysis

BySheldon Cohen, Garth McKay

chapter 11|9 pages

The Role of Social Support in Coping With Chronic or Life-Threatening Illness

ByJerome E. Singer, Diana Lord

chapter 12|21 pages

Life Changes, Moderators of Stress, and Health

ByIrwin G. Sarason, Barbara R. Sarason

chapter 13|18 pages

Deterring Cigarette Smoking in Adolescents: A Psychosocial–Behavioral Analysis of an Intervention Strategy

ByRichard I. Evans, Constance K. Smith, Bettye E. Raines

chapter 14|25 pages

Institutional Relocation and Its Impact on Mortality, Morbidity, and Psychosocial Status

ByMarvin J. Horowitz, Richard Schulz