This fully revised new edition provides a definitive and holistic overview of Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) in a world in which right wing populism has gained ground, trade wars are increasing, climate change is a reality and Covid poses a challenge for years to come.

Updated to reflect the changing world environment, the book includes new chapters on issues such as criminal network analysis, environmental crime, cybercrime, people smuggling, drugs activities in the modern world, the relationship between organized crime and corruption, anti-organized crime resilience and the effectiveness of the fight against organized crime. New country case studies have also been included. The handbook is presented in six sections:

• Concepts, theories and laws

• Origins and manifestations

• Contagion and evolution

• Intensity and impact

• Governance

• Reaction and future  

Truly interdisciplinary in nature, the handbook features contributions from an international team of experts, working in different academic disciplines and within varied law enforcement agencies. It will appeal to scholars, policymakers and practitioners in International Law, Global Governance, International Political Economy and Security Studies.

chapter |17 pages


ByFelia Allum, Stan Gilmour

part I|48 pages

Concepts, theories and laws

chapter 1|14 pages

Reflections on transnational organized crime as a security concept

ByHelena Carrapiço

chapter 2|16 pages

Transnational criminal networks

ByDavid Bright, Adrian Leiva

chapter 3|16 pages

Transnational organized crime

A survey of laws, policies and international conventions 1
ByJoseph Wheatley

part II|113 pages

Origins and manifestations

chapter 4|21 pages

The many faces of organized crime in Europe, and its assessment

ByJelle Janssens, Tom Vander Beken

chapter 5|15 pages

The past and present of transnational organized crime in America

ByMichael Woodiwiss, Mary Young

chapter 6|23 pages

Transnational organized crime and corruption in Russia: its origin and current development

BySerguei Cheloukhine, Vitaliy Khan, Nessibeli Kalkayeva

chapter 7|17 pages

Nigerian organized crime

ByStephen Ellis

chapter 8|17 pages

Vietnamese organised crime

ByDaniel Silverstone

chapter 9|18 pages

Black societies and triad-like organized crime in China

ByRoderic Broadhurst, Lena Y. Zhong

part III|121 pages

Contagion and evolution

chapter 10|17 pages

The economic geographies of transnational organised crime

ByTim Hall, Ray Hudson

chapter 11|15 pages

The practice of transnational organized crime

ByKlaus von Lampe

chapter 12|17 pages

Horizon scanning of global drug markets

ByJames Windle

chapter 13|21 pages

The human trafficking–organized crime nexus

ByAlexis A. Aronowitz, Maaike Elza Veldhuizen

chapter 14|17 pages

Foundations and evolution of the crime–terror nexus

ByTamara Makarenko

chapter 15|15 pages

Transnational organized environmental crime

ByLieselot Bisschop, Karin van Wingerde

chapter 16|17 pages

Responding to transnational organized crimes

‘Follow the money’
ByMargaret E. Beare

part IV|68 pages

Intensity and impact

chapter 17|13 pages

Transnational organized crime and the global village

ByKelly Hignett

chapter 18|19 pages

Cybercrime aS A transnational organized criminal activity

ByDavid S. Wall

chapter 19|17 pages

Ethnicity, migration and transnational organized crime

ByJana Arsovska

chapter 20|17 pages

Women and transnational organised crime

The ambiguous case of the Italian mafias
ByAlessandra Dino

part V|115 pages


chapter 21|15 pages

Italian mafias and the Italian Antimafia Movement

ByJane Schneider, Peter Schneider

chapter 22|21 pages

Human rights and transnational organized crime

ByRobert J. Currie, Sarah Douglas

chapter 23|13 pages

Rethinking migrant smuggling through data

ByGabriella Sanchez

chapter 24|14 pages

The state before criminal firearms

ByFrancesco Buscemi, Alessandra Russo

chapter 25|14 pages

‘Cyber’ – the ‘digital’ gold for Nigerian criminals

BySheelagh Brady

chapter 26|15 pages

Go with the flow and undo the knots

‘Nodal’ policing against TOC
ByMonica den Boer

chapter 27|21 pages

Corruption and transnational organised crime

ByHeather Marquette, Caryn Peiffer

part VI|97 pages

Reaction and future

chapter 28|17 pages

Community resilience to organized crime

Building back better
BySiria Gastelum Felix, Ian Tennant

chapter 29|16 pages

The fight against transnational organized crime in Italy

What can we learn?
ByArmando D’Alterio, Attilio Scaglione

chapter 31|15 pages

The fight against transnational organized crime in Russia

ByAlexandra V. Orlova

chapter 32|14 pages

The threat of harm by transnational organized criminals

A US perspective
ByDavid A. Marvelli, James O. Finckenauer

chapter 33|14 pages

The global fight against TOC

The evolution of approaches and their effectiveness
ByTuesday Reitano, Mark Shaw