Bringing together an international range of expertise, this comprehensive Companion to Technology Management is designed to facilitate the development of management frameworks adaptable for a wide range of organizations, as well as an overview of the development and integration of technology in advanced and emerging economies.

Research-based and drawing on a range of practical tools and international cases, it covers the diverse spectrum of the challenges of technology management and how to approach them:

I Fundamentals of Technology Management provides an overview of the fundamental aspects of technology management.

II Technology Planning focusses on technology-driven organizations, government labs and universities.

III Technology Evaluation includes evaluation and assessment, adoption and forecasting through management tools.

IV Technology Development and Transfer includes integration, marketing and intellectual property management.

V Managing Technological Innovations addresses policy, open innovation and technology entrepreneurship.

VI Society and Technology Management focusses on social issues which impact technology and its management.

VII New Technologies and Emerging Regions includes blockchain, biotechnologies and smart cities.

This Companion is an essential comprehensive source of new and emerging approaches for researchers and advanced students in engineering and technology management, as well as professionals seeking an authoritative global reference source.

part 1|55 pages

Technology Management Background

chapter 1|15 pages

Strategy of Critical Technology

A Case of Turkish Industry and Technology Policy

chapter 3|12 pages

Innovative Places and Regions

Implications for Technology Management

part 2|52 pages

Technology Planning

part 3|140 pages

Technology Evaluation

chapter 12|12 pages

Technology Assessment and Selection

An Assessment of the Autonomous Driving Technologies by Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets and Systems

part 4|91 pages

Technology Development and Transfer

chapter 17|21 pages

Regional Innovative Intensity in an Emerging Economy

Analyzing China's Provincial Regions

chapter 20|20 pages

Technology and Entrepreneurship

A Systems and Simulation Approach

chapter 21|16 pages

Transformation into New Drug Companies

The Perspective of Dynamic Capabilities

part 5|73 pages

Managing Technological Innovations

chapter 22|14 pages

Coworking Ecosystems

Institutionalization of “Homes” for Innovation and Venturing

chapter 23|13 pages

The New Imperatives of Defense Technological Innovation

Past, Present, and Future

chapter 26|15 pages

Open and Closed Innovation Strategies in Converging Environments

How the Internet of Things Blurs the Boundaries between ICT and Logistics

part 6|110 pages

Social Issues

chapter 28|62 pages

Electronic Payment Technology

Developing a Taxonomy of Factors to Evaluate a Fraud Detection and Prevention System for the Airlines Industry

part 7|94 pages

Social Issues

chapter 31|18 pages

Smart Manufacturing

An Evaluation Model for Taiwan's Innovation Applications

chapter 33|19 pages

Smart City

An Evaluation Model for Taiwan's Social Innovation

chapter 34|22 pages

Smart Transportation

An Evaluation Model for Taiwan's Innovation Policy