Identifying and developing talented athletes to their fullest potential is a central concern of sport scientists, sports coaches, and sports policy makers. The second edition of this popular text offers a state of the science synthesis of current knowledge in talent identification and development in sport, from the biological basis of talent to the systems and processes within sport through which that talent is nurtured.

Written by a team of leading international experts, the book explores key factors and issues in contemporary sport, including:

  • nature and nurture in the development of sporting talent
  • designing optimal developmental environments
  • long-term modelling of athlete development
  • understanding the complexity of talent selection
  • in-depth case studies of successful talent development systems.

With an emphasis on practical implications for all those working in sport, the book offers an authoritative evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary systems for identifying and developing talent in sport. This is important reading for any student, researcher, or practitioner with an interest in skill acquisition, youth sport, elite sport, sports coaching, or sports development.

chapter 1|16 pages

Talent Identification and Development in Sport

An Introduction to a Field of Expanding Research and Practice

part 1|82 pages

Theoretical and Conceptual Models for Understanding Talent Identification and Development

chapter 182|15 pages

Talent Development in Sport

Moving beyond Nature and Nurture

chapter 4|16 pages

Talent Selection

Making Decisions and Prognoses about Athletes

chapter 5|15 pages

One Day at a Time

Steps to Optimising the Daily Training Environment for Talent Development

chapter 6|18 pages

The Shifting Sands of Time

Maturation and Athlete Development

part 2|104 pages

International Case Studies of Talent Identification and Development

chapter 10|13 pages

Rough Draft

The Accuracy of Athlete Selection in North American Professional Sports

chapter 11|12 pages

High Speed on the Ice

Talent Development in Dutch Long Track Speed Skating

chapter 12|14 pages

‘Wide and Emergent – Narrow and Focussed’

A Dual-Pathway Approach to Talent Identification and Development in England Rugby Union

chapter 14|6 pages

More Lessons Learned

Future Research in Talent Identification and Development