This collection offers a timely and wide-ranging contribution to the research-informed improvement of the work of teacher educators. Drawing on original research studies conducted across a range of European countries, Canada, and Israel, contributors offer insight into not only questions of curriculum and programme development, research, and professional development, but also their day-to-day experience as teacher educators, student teachers, and mentors in schools.

Themes explored include teaching and working with students, teacher educators as researchers, the partnership work of teacher educators, the professional development needs of teacher educators, professional development approaches for improving teacher education, and teacher educator empowerment.

Arising from the international community of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE), and drawing together theory and practice, this book offers a unique survey of the contributions of teacher educators and charts a path for future directions of the field.

chapter 1|9 pages

Introduction to Being a Teacher Educator

Research-Informed Methods for Improving Practice
ByElizabeth White, Anja Swennen

chapter 2|17 pages

Being a reflective teacher educator

Professionalism or Pipe Dream?
ByPaul Holdsworth

chapter 3|16 pages

Understanding the reflective process through self-study

A teacher educator’s journey towards continuous professional development
ByKarl Attard

chapter 4|13 pages

Developing as teacher educators

Lessons learned from student voices during practice and research
ByTom Russell, Maria Assunção Flores

chapter 5|16 pages

Teacher educator collaboration and a pedagogy of teacher education

Practice architectures, professional learning, praxis, and production
ByDavid Powell

chapter 6|14 pages

“Are we doing the right thing?”

Challenges teacher educators face when taking the risk of opening up possibilities for students
ByMonique Leijgraaf

chapter 7|13 pages

Old learning, new learning

Teacher educators as enquiring professionals
ByMhairi C. Beaton

chapter 9|14 pages

International semi-collaborative research initiative

A critical reflection of the research process
ByLeah Shagrir

chapter 10|16 pages

Learning from stories about the practice of teacher educators in partnerships between schools and higher education institutions

ByElizabeth White, Miranda Timmermans, Claire Dickerson

chapter 11|13 pages

Teacher educator as researcher

Striving towards a greater visibility for teacher education
ByAnn MacPhail

chapter 12|16 pages

Brave Research as a means to transform teacher education

ByAnja Swennen, David Powell

chapter 13|8 pages


Lessons from this book and next steps in developing the profession of teacher educators
ByAnja Swennen, Elizabeth White