The Embodied Brain and Sandtray Therapy invites readers to absorb the magic and mystery of sandtray therapy through a collection of stories.

Woven throughout these pages is the neurobiological foundation for the healing and transformation that takes place during deep encounters with sand, water, and symbolic images. Such scientific grounding provides the basis for clinicians to understand how sandtray therapy supports their healing work. In addition to client stories, the authors have also bravely shared their personal experiences, both challenging and rewarding, of being sandtray therapists.

Clinicians who are considering becoming sandtray therapists are given an inside peek into the learning journey and its many benefits. Those who are already practicing sandtray therapy will find this book both supportive and affirming.

part 1|70 pages


chapter 1|7 pages

Playing in the Sandbox

The Birth of a Healing Tool
ByTheresa Fraser, Caron J. Leader

chapter 2|18 pages

Drawn to the Sand

Becoming a Sandtray Therapist
ByRita Grayson, Theresa Fraser

chapter 3|26 pages

Healing the Embodied Brain

The Neurobiology of Sandtray Therapy
ByRita Grayson

chapter 4|17 pages

It Is Never Too Late

Healing Trauma Across the Life Span With Sandtray Therapy
ByTheresa Fraser

part 2|151 pages

Stories of Healing in the Sandtray

chapter 5|16 pages

Troubled Waters

Navigating Difficult Life Transitions
ByRita Grayson

chapter 6|18 pages

Lost and Found

Reuniting With Self: Tales of the Wandering Psyche
BySean P. Jennings, Aimee L. Jennings

chapter 7|15 pages

Through the Eyes of a Child

Sandtray Therapy With Children
ByCaron J. Leader

chapter 8|20 pages

Who Am I?

The Journey of Self-Discovery
ByRosalind Heiko

chapter 9|19 pages

Being With What Is

Touching Grief in the Sand
ByBarbara Jones Warrick

chapter 10|15 pages

Rediscovering Balance

Combining Sandtray Therapy and EMDR
ByElaine Wittmann, Jacqueline Aldridge

chapter 11|17 pages

Working Across Cultures

Finding Common Ground in the Sand
ByJoanne Marie Wicks

chapter 12|15 pages

Finding Safety

Healing Attachment Wounds in the Sandtray Therapy Process
ByMereAnn Reid

chapter 13|14 pages

Sandtray With a Mind of Its Own

Developing Trust in the Wisdom of the Process
ByBonnie Badenoch

part 3|13 pages

Tying It All Together

chapter 14|8 pages

The Heart of the Matter

Common Experiences of the Sandtray Therapist
ByRita Grayson

chapter 15|3 pages

Honoring the Legacy

Keeping Margaret Lowenfeld's Vision Alive in the Future
ByTheresa Fraser