This book is an authoritative text that explores best classroom practices for engaging adult learners in beginner-level foreign language courses.

Built around a diverse range of international research studies and conceptual articles, the book covers four key issues in teaching language to novice students: development of linguistic skills, communicative and intercultural competence, evaluation and assessment, and the use of technology. Each chapter includes teaching insights that are supported by critical research and can be practically applied across languages to enhance instructional strategies and curriculum designs. The text also aims to build intercultural competence, harness technology, and design assessment to stimulate effective learning in formal instructional settings, including colleges, universities, and specialist language schools.

With its broad coverage of language pedagogy at the novice level, this book is a must read for graduate students, scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of language education, second language acquisition, language teaching and learning, and applied linguistics.

chapter 1|8 pages


Enhancing beginner-level foreign language education for adult learners
ByEkaterina Nemtchinova

part II|71 pages

Teaching intercultural competence

chapter 6|18 pages

Integrating culture in language curriculum from beginning to intermediate level in a blended learning environment

A design-based empirical study
ByShenglan Zhang

chapter 8|18 pages

The culture portfolio

Assessing growth toward intercultural competence
ByJulianne Bryant

chapter 9|15 pages

Employing concept maps in teaching foreign language culture

ByElmira Gerfanova

part III|68 pages

Teaching with technology

chapter 10|18 pages

Pathways to digital L2 literacies for text-based telecollaboration at the beginning level

ByMaria Bondarenko, Liudmila Klimanova

chapter 11|18 pages

Student satisfaction and engagement in a beginning Ukrainian blended-learning course

Debunking fears of blending and lessons learned
ByAlla Nedashkivska

chapter 12|15 pages

Data-driven learning in a low-level language classroom

ByKatya Goussakova

chapter 13|15 pages

Поехали! Training Russian prefixed verbs of motion in virtual reality

ByKristin Bidoshi, Ekaterina Nemtchinova