This book presents William James's Pragmatism together with critical commentary and focuses on the theories of meaning and truth central to Pragmatism. It includes several articles three of which were roughly contemporaneous with the publication of Pragmatism.

chapter |12 pages


ByDoris Olin

part |235 pages

Pragmatism a New name for Some Old Ways of Thinking

chapter Lecture I|17 pages

The Present Dilemma in Philosophy

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture II|16 pages

What Pragmatism Means

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture III|17 pages

Some Metaphysical Problems Pragmatically Considered

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture IV|15 pages

The One and the Many

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture V|13 pages

Pragmatism and Common Sense

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture VI|17 pages

Pragmatism's Conception of Truth

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture VII|14 pages

Pragmatism and Humanism

ByDoris Olin

chapter Lecture VIII|13 pages

Pragmatism and Religion

ByDoris Olin

chapter |13 pages

Meaning and Metaphysics in James

ByRobert G. Meyers

chapter |5 pages

Truth and its Verification

ByJames Bissett Pratt

chapter |35 pages

Professor James's 'Pragmatism'

ByG.E. Moore

chapter |16 pages

William James's Conception of Truth 1

ByBertrand Russell

chapter |17 pages

Notes on the Pragmatic Theory of Truth

ByMoreland Perkins

chapter |19 pages

Was William James Telling the Truth After All?

ByD.C. Phillips