This volume examines the new, the changing, and the enduring features of international security in the post-Cold War era. In so doing, it examines the extent to which present state structures and institutions have been able to adapt and accommodate themselves to the diversity of security threats.

chapter 1|8 pages

Security Beyond the Cold War

An Introduction

chapter 2|19 pages

From Cold Wars to New Wars

chapter 3|29 pages

Persistent Dilemmas

US National Security Policy in the Post-Cold War Era

chapter 4|21 pages

Russia’s Security Challenges

chapter 5|18 pages


Old Institutions, New Challenges

chapter 6|20 pages

Security Issues in South-East Asia

chapter 8|17 pages

Environmental Security

The New Agenda

chapter 10|21 pages

Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East

From Radicalism to Pragmatism?

chapter 11|8 pages


The Past as Present?