The effective education of gifted children is one of the most significant challenges facing educational systems in many countries around the world, made particularly difficult by the forces of globalization. Conceptions of Giftedness describes the unique and varied ways cultures conceive of giftedness. As language influences perception, different ideas of giftedness may embody different ways of thinking, especially in the areas of creativity and problem solving. This important new volume in special education encourages the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of our “intellectual diversity.”
Contributing authors to this book are authorities in the field of gifted education, and represent a range of languages and cultures, including Western, Chinese, Japanese, Australian Aboriginal and Malay cultures. Each chapter describes giftedness from one cultural perspective within the global context, resulting in both local and global educational implications.
Conceptions of Giftedness appeals to an international audience, and will serve as a primary and/or secondary resource for scholars, teachers, and undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in gifted education. Its distinctive universal perspective will attract sociolinguists and anthropologists, as well as educators.

chapter 1|33 pages

A Framework for the Study of Sociocultural Perspectives of Giftedness

ByShane N. Phillipson

chapter 2|30 pages

Giftedness and China’s Confucian Heritage

ByJimmy Chan

chapter 3|33 pages

The Germanic View of Giftedness

ByAlbert Ziegler, Heidrun Stoeger

chapter 4|28 pages

Thai Conceptions of Giftedness

ByUsanee Anuruthwong

chapter 6|28 pages

Conceptions of Giftedness Among Taglog-Speaking Filipinos

ByBarbara Wong-Fernandez, Ma. Alicia Bustos-Orosa

chapter 7|28 pages

The Australian Aboriginal View of Giftedness

ByKay Gibson, Wilma Vialle

chapter 8|28 pages

Constructions of Giftedness Among the Shona of Central-Southern Afria

ByElias Mpofu, Constantine Ngara, Ephias Gudyanga

chapter 9|30 pages

Toward an Understanding of a Malay Conception of Giftedness

BySivanes Phillipson

chapter 10|27 pages

Giftedness and the Turkish Culture

ByUgur Sak

chapter 11|37 pages

Slavic Conceptions of Giftedness and Creativity

ByJasmina Šefer

chapter 12|28 pages

Giftedness in the Culture of Japan

ByNobutaka Matsumura

chapter 13|35 pages

Giftedness in the Euro-American Culture

ByScott Barry Kaufman, Robert J. Sternberg

chapter 15|17 pages

The English Model of Gifted and Talented Education: Policy, Context, and Challenges

ByJim Campbell, Deborah Eyre

chapter 16|17 pages

Meta-Theoretical Conceptions of Giftedness

ByShane N. Phillipson, Maria McCann