Few families have contributed as much to English history and literature-indeed, to the arts generally-as the Sidney family. This two-volume Ashgate Research Companion assesses the current state of scholarship on family members and their impact, as historical and literary figures, in the period 1500-1700. Volume 1: Lives, begins with an overview of the Sidneys and politics, providing some links to court events, entertainments, literature, and patronage. The volume gives biographies to prominent high-profile Sidney women and men, as well as sections assessing the influence of the family in the areas of the English court, international politics, patronage, religion, public entertainment, the visual arts, and music. The focus of the second volume is the literary contributions of Sir Philip Sidney; Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke; Lady Mary Wroth; Robert Sidney, Earl of Leicester; and William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke.

part I|19 pages


part II|156 pages


chapter 4|18 pages

Philip Sidney (1554–1586)

part III|24 pages

The Sidneys in Ireland and Wales

chapter 13|11 pages

The Sidneys in Ireland

chapter 14|10 pages

The Sidneys and Wales

part IV|38 pages

The Sidneys and the Continent

part V|89 pages

The Sidneys and the Arts

chapter 18|20 pages

The Sidneys and Literary Patronage

chapter 19|15 pages

Penshurst Place and Leicester House

chapter 21|11 pages

The Sidneys and Music