Responding to the growing need for recruitment and retention of international talent in higher education institutions globally, this volume documents the experiences and contribution of international graduate students, researchers, and faculty.

This text foregrounds perspectives around recruitment, transition, integration, professional development, and the retention of scholars originating from, or arriving in, countries including China, Australia, Iraq, Japan, and the US. By investigating the support systems that are in place to assist foreign-born faculty members in institutes of higher education, the text provides important insights for departments and institutions as they look to successfully attract and retain global academic talent. Moreover, the scientific and practical implications of the research presented in the text directly informs institutional policy, working towards more effective, inclusive, and equitable ways to support international faculty.

This text will benefit researchers, academics, and educators with an interest in higher education, international and comparative education, and, more specifically, those involved with faculty development programs. The text will also support further discussion and reflection around multicultural education, international teaching and learning, and educational policy more broadly.

chapter 1|16 pages


Understanding International Faculty Mobility: Trends and Issues in Global Higher Education
ByChris R. Glass, Krishna Bista, Xi Lin

part I|55 pages

Gender and Identity in Transnational Contexts

chapter 2|14 pages

Experiences of Black African International Faculty at American Higher Education Institutions

BySusan Boafo-Arthur, Linda Tsevi

chapter 3|10 pages

Transnationalism of Asian Female Scholars in US Higher Education Institutions

ByHyejin Yoon, Jung Eun Hong

chapter 4|13 pages

Asian Women Faculty in the Transnational Context

Cases in the United Arab Emirates
ByMingxuan Liang

chapter 5|15 pages

Challenges and Potentials of International Faculty in U.S. Higher Education

Perspectives from Two Chinese Female Faculty
ByRan Hu, Xiaoning Chen

part II|44 pages

Sociolinguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Global Classroom

part III|42 pages

Employment Equity in Academic Mobility and Migration

chapter 9|14 pages

International Scholars in Academic Semi-Peripheries

A Sign of Research Excellence or a Remedy for Staff Shortages?
ByKamil Luczaj, Miloslav Bahna

part IV|40 pages

Support, Integration, and Inclusion of International Faculty

chapter 12|11 pages

Integration of Foreign-Born Faculty in US Higher Education

ByTony Lee

chapter 13|12 pages

Supporting International Faculty in Adaptation to New Academic Environments

ByHeike Alberts, Helen Hazen

chapter 14|11 pages

Issues, Concerns, and Strategies for the Success of Foreign-Born Faculty

ByDilani M. Perera, Wendy-Lou Greenidge

chapter 15|2 pages


The Future of International Faculty Mobility and Lessons Learned
ByXi Lin, Krishna Bista, Chris R. Glass