In a unique collection of international and interdisciplinary research, this book focuses on commemorative events around the world on the same day: 11 November 2018, the centenary of Armistice Day, the end of the First World War.

It argues that we need to move beyond discourse, narrative and how historical events are represented to fully understand what commemoration does, socially, politically and culturally. Adopting an experiential reframing treats sensory, affective and emotional feelings as fundamental to how we collectively understand shared histories, and through them, shared identities. The volume features 15 case studies from ten countries, covering a variety of settings and national contexts specific to the First World War.

Together the chapters demonstrate that a new conceptualisation of commemoration is needed: one that attends to how it feels.

chapter 1|15 pages

Reframing commemoration at the end of the First World War centenary

New approaches and case studies
ByShanti Sumartojo

part Part I|54 pages


chapter 2|12 pages

11 November 2018

Liège, Mons and Brussels commemorate the Great War
ByChantal Kesteloot, Laurence van Ypersele

chapter 3|14 pages

2018 Armistice Day in Flanders Fields

How complex is commemoration at the end of an era?
ByDominique Vanneste, Gregory Ramshaw

chapter 4|12 pages

Vienna, 7–10 November 2018

A four-day journey into public commemorations of November 1918 in the Austrian republic
ByOlivier Luminet

part Part II|49 pages


chapter 6|12 pages

Remembrance, participation, (re)emergence

Washington’s National Cathedral, 11 November 2018
ByJeremy Foster

chapter 7|12 pages


The never-ending war on the Somme
ByCaroline Winter

chapter 8|10 pages

The sound of the cow

Observing Remembrance Day in New Delhi
ByPeter Stanley

chapter 9|13 pages

Observing silence

Experiential reflections on the 11 November 2018 Armistice Day commemorations in London
ByJames Wallis

part Part III|52 pages


chapter 10|13 pages

Pages of the Sea

A UK case study
ByEmma Hanna

chapter 12|12 pages

Flowers of War

11 November 2018 at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance
ByShanti Sumartojo

chapter 13|13 pages

Just like being there

Technologies of reconstructed experience and First World War commemoration
ByKatherine Smits

part Part IV|37 pages


chapter 14|12 pages

To be or not to be Danish?

Commemorating the First World War in Denmark on 11 November 2018
ByDavid C. Harvey

chapter 15|12 pages

The 10 November 2018 Indian commemoration in Villers-Guislain in the north of France

Atmosphere and the experience of alterity
ByAnne Hertzog, Rafiq Pirzada

chapter 16|11 pages

What is still known about 11 November 1918 by German-speaking Belgians?

ByChristin Camia, Clara Falys, Jelena Scheider, Olivier Luminet