Reimagining Digital Learning for Sustainable Development is a comprehensive playbook for education leaders, policy makers, and other key stakeholders leading the modernization of learning and development in their institutions as they build a high value knowledge economy and prepare learners for jobs that don't yet exist.

Currently, nearly every aspect of human activity, including the ways we absorb and apply learning, is influenced by disruptive digital technologies. The jobs available today are no longer predicators of future employment, and current and future workforce members will need to augment their competencies through a lifetime of continuous upskilling and reskilling to meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This book features curated insights and real-world cases from thought leaders throughout the world and identifies major shifts in content formats, pedagogic approaches, technology frameworks, user and design experiences, and learner roles and expectations that will reshape our institutions, including those in emerging economies.

The agile, lean, and cost-effective strategies proposed here will function in scalable and flexible bandwidth environments, enabling education leaders and practitioners to transform brick-and-mortar learning organizations into digital and blended ecosystems and to achieve the United Nation’s ambitious Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Chapter 18 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF at https://www.taylorfrancis.com under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license. 

part Theme 2|47 pages

Innovative Pedagogies to Advance Reach, Relevance and Quality Learning Outcomes

part Theme 3|38 pages

New Models for Deeper Learning

chapter 10|11 pages

Game Mechanics for Digital Learning

chapter 11|12 pages

The Future of Learning is Immersive

Games, Simulations and Virtual Reality

chapter 16|12 pages

Skilling the Youth Bulge in India

NSDC Experiences

part Theme 5|13 pages

Future of Content Development

chapter 17|11 pages

Open Educational Resources for Sustainable Development

Guidelines for Policy and Capacity Building

part Theme 7|41 pages

Modernizing Learning Measurement, Evaluation and Credentialing Through Data Analytics for Insights and Decision Making

part Theme 8|26 pages

Mobilizing Partnerships to Support Pathways to Work

chapter 25|11 pages

Partnership Engagements for Sustainable Development

Lessons Learned From Educational Technology Partnerships

chapter 26|13 pages

From Concepts to Action

How to Accelerate Digital Learning to Achieve SDGs – Influencer Viewpoints

part |24 pages