This annotated anthology documents historical trends and basic findings regarding music in early childhood education, development, and care.

The papers in this volume discuss the main research trends of musical engagement with early children, such as music in the family, employing music in child care, and musical skill and development. This collection hopes to stimulate further reflections on the implementation of music in daily practice. The volume represents many facets of research from different cultural contexts and reflects trends and projects of music in early childhood. The findings incorporate a historical perspective with regards to different topics and approaches.

The book provides practitioners and researchers of music education, music development, and music psychology, an opportunity to read a selection of articles that were previously published in the journal Early Child Development and Care. Each paper concludes with an annotation note supplied by the principle author addressing how they see their article from the perspective of today.

chapter |14 pages


Music in early childhood education: Past and present

part I|146 pages

Caregiving – Parenting

part III|84 pages

Musical Aspects – Singing, Movement, and Teaching