A collection of engaging essays on some of the most significant figures in cyberpunk culture, this outstanding guide charts the rich and varied landscape of cyberpunk from the 1970s to present day.

The collection features key figures from a variety of disciplines, from novelists, critical and cultural theorists, philosophers, and scholars, to filmmakers, comic book artists, game creators, and television writers. Important and influential names discussed include: J. G. Ballard, Jean Baudrillard, Rosi Braidotti, Charlie Brooker, Pat Cadigan, William Gibson, Donna J. Haraway, Nalo Hopkinson, Janelle Monáe, Annalee Newitz, Katsuhiro Ōtomo, Sadie Plant, Mike Pondsmith, Ridley Scott, Bruce Sterling, and the Wachowskis. The editors also include an afterword of ‘Honorable Mentions’ to highlight additional figures and groups of note that have played a role in shaping cyberpunk.

This accessible guide will be of interest to students and scholars of cultural studies, film studies, literature, media studies, as well as anyone with an interest in cyberpunk culture and science fiction.

letter B|5 pages

J.G. Ballard (1930–2009)

chapter |5 pages

Steven Barnes(1952–)

chapter |5 pages

Lauren Beukes (1976–)

letter C|5 pages

Pat[ricia] Cadigan (1953–)

chapter |5 pages

David Cronenberg (1942–)

letter D|5 pages

Samuel R. Delany (1942–)

letter E|4 pages

Warren Ellis (1968–)

letter G|6 pages

William Gibson (1948–)

letter H|5 pages

Donna J. Haraway (1944–)

chapter |5 pages

Nalo Hopkinson (1960–)

letter I|5 pages

Gakuryu Ishii (1957–)

letter K|5 pages

Raymond (Ray) Kurzweil (1948–)

letter L|5 pages

Jaron Lanier (1960–)

letter M|4 pages

Marshall McLuhan (1911–80)

chapter |5 pages

Syd Mead (1933–2019)

chapter |5 pages

Richard K. Morgan (1965–)

letter N|6 pages

Annalee Newitz (1969–)

letter O|5 pages

Mamoru Oshii (1951–)

chapter |5 pages

Katsuhiro Ōtomo (1954–)

letter P|5 pages

Marge Piercy (1936–)

chapter |5 pages

Sadie Plant (1964–)

chapter |5 pages

Thomas Pynchon (1937–)

chapter |5 pages

Joanna Russ (1937–2011)

chapter S|6 pages

Melissa Scott (1960–)

chapter |4 pages

Ridley Scott (1937–)

chapter |5 pages

Lewis Shiner (1950–)

chapter |5 pages

Masamune Shirow (1961–)

chapter |5 pages

Warren Spector (1955–)

chapter |5 pages

Neal Stephenson (1959–)

chapter |5 pages

[Michael] Bruce Sterling (1954–)

letter T|5 pages

James Tiptree, Jr. [Alice Bradley Sheldon] (1915–87)

chapter |6 pages

Shinya Tsukamoto (1960–)

chapter |4 pages

Vernor Vinge (1944–)

letter W|6 pages

Lana (1965–) and Lilly (1967–) Wachowski

chapter Z|6 pages

Shoshana Zuboff (1951–)