A Practical Guide to Teaching English in the Secondary School offers straightforward advice, inspiration and a wide range of tried and tested approaches to help you find success in the secondary English classroom. Covering all aspects of English teaching, it is designed for you to dip in and out of, and enable you to focus on specific areas of teaching, your programme or pupils’ learning.

Fully updated to reflect what student and early career teachers see and experience when they enter the classroom, the second edition supports trainee and practicing teachers to teach in imaginative and creative ways to promote learning in English. Packed with ideas, resources, practical teaching activities and underpinned by the latest research into how children learn, the book examines the core areas of reading, writing and spoken English including:

• Plays, poetry, non-fiction, myths and legends, drama and Shakespeare

• Developing writing

• Creative grammar

• Talk and classroom dialogue

• Media and digital writing

• English across the curriculum

• Well-being through writing

• Literature and language post-16.

Including tools to support critical reflection, A Practical Guide to Teaching English in the Secondary School is an essential companion for all training and newly qualified English teachers.

chapter |2 pages


chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

The English curriculum in context

A conversation through time

chapter Chapter 2|10 pages

Spoken language and talk for learning

chapter Chapter 3|10 pages

Sharing a class reader

chapter Chapter 4|9 pages

Talk about texts

Discussion of literature in the English classroom

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

Reading comprehension

chapter Chapter 6|9 pages

Teaching the process of writing

chapter Chapter 7|9 pages

Creative grammar for creative teachers

chapter Chapter 8|9 pages

Reading and writing poetry

chapter Chapter 9|8 pages

Teaching non-fiction reading and writing

chapter Chapter 10|8 pages


chapter Chapter 11|10 pages

Teaching plays

chapter Chapter 12|11 pages

Drama in English

chapter Chapter 13|12 pages

Storytelling, myths and legends

chapter Chapter 14|12 pages

Media in English

chapter Chapter 15|9 pages

Digital and multimodal writing

chapter Chapter 16|10 pages

Post-16 literature

chapter Chapter 17|9 pages

Post-16 language

chapter Chapter 18|10 pages

English across the curriculum

chapter Chapter 19|8 pages

Writing well-being

Using reflective diary-writing to support English teacher well-being