Implementing Play Therapy with Groups is a new and innovative edited book bringing together experts from across the field of play therapy to explore how to facilitate group play therapy across challenging settings, diagnoses, and practice environments.

Applying theoretical and empirical information to address treatment challenges, each chapter focuses on a specific treatment issue and explores ways the reader can implement group work within their play therapy work. Chapters also provide contemporary evidence-based clinical information in providing group therapy with specific populations such as working with children who have been exposed to violence, trauma, adoption, foster care, those who are chronically medically fragile, and more.

This book will bring awareness to, and provide easily implemented play therapy knowledge and interventions for, child and family therapists who work in a range of settings including schools, hospitals, residential treatment centers, and community mental health settings.

part I|92 pages

Group Play Therapy Practice Models

chapter 1|11 pages

Constructing Together

Therapeutic Applications of LEGO® Serious Play®

chapter 3|13 pages

The Caped Crusaders

Using Superheroes in a Play Therapy Group for Adolescents

chapter 6|14 pages

Camp Nurture

An Immersion in Key Components of TraumaPlay®

chapter 7|13 pages

Our Village Play Therapy Groups

An Integrative Design for Both In-Person and Telehealth Settings

part II|50 pages

Clinical Settings

part III|88 pages

Special Populations

chapter 13|14 pages

Early Play-Based Interventions for Children Following Disastrous Events

From Principles to Practice

chapter 14|13 pages

Play Therapy Groups with Children of Divorce

A Jungian Approach

chapter 18|11 pages

Play Therapy Group Supervision

chapter |1 pages