This new book provides a comprehensive overview of school leadership in Malaysia, at a time when effective leadership is widely recognised to be an essential component of successful schools. It is also timely because leadership is regarded as a vital element in the Government’s ambitious educational reform agenda.

The book is edited by a world leader in this field and includes contributors with deeply embedded understanding of the Malaysian schools’ context, based on engagement with policy, practice and research. The book addresses major aspects of school leadership, including instructional and distributed leadership, the role of the principal, the work of senior and middle leaders, professional learning communities, leadership and student outcomes, and leadership preparation.

This book is essential reading for postgraduate students and researchers interested in educational leadership and management, and school reform, in an Asian context. It is also recommended for school leaders wishing to engage with policy, practice and research.

chapter 1|16 pages

School leadership and policy reform

Global and Malaysian perspectives
ByTony Bush

chapter 2|14 pages

Contextual awareness and sensemaking among Malaysian school principals

From leaders to leadership
ByMohammad Noman

chapter 3|16 pages

Internal and external support for Malaysian principals

ByLokman Mohd Tahir, Mohammed Borhandden Musah, Mohd Fadzli Ali

chapter 4|15 pages

International school principals in Malaysia

Local and global factors impacting on leadership
ByLucy Bailey, Mark T. Gibson

chapter 5|18 pages

Constructing the concept of high-performing school leadership

A Malaysian perspective
ByShahrizal Norwawi

chapter 6|13 pages

Principals' instructional leadership practices

Ideals and realities
ByDonnie Adams, Kenny Cheah Soon Lee, Bambang Sumintono, Alma Harris, Michelle Jones

chapter 7|16 pages

Middle leadership

The head of department's instructional leadership role
BySimin Ghavifekr

chapter 8|15 pages

Distributed leadership in a centralised context

The case of Malaysia
ByTony Bush, Ashley Yoon Mooi Ng

chapter 10|16 pages

Principal preparation and development

A Malaysian perspective
ByAshley Yoon Mooi Ng

chapter 11|17 pages

Leadership and student outcomes

Evidence from Malaysia
ByJosephine Chay

chapter 12|12 pages


School leadership in Malaysia – past, present and future
ByTony Bush