First published in 2004. This is a collection of carefully selected works and material, attempts to extend the current state of scholarship in the area of Irish Political Economy. The range and variety of material presented should be of interest not only to students of economic thought but also to those working in such fields as Irish Studies, history, politics, sociology and intellectual history. Volume 2 includes the Value and Distribution.

chapter |13 pages

Introduction to Volume II

part 1|110 pages

Value Theory

chapter 17|13 pages

Lectures on Political Economy

Lectures III and VI

chapter 18|12 pages

‘Retaliation, or Free Trade?’

chapter 20|22 pages

The Principles of Value in Exchange

Lecture I

chapter 22|35 pages

‘Normal Value’

part 2|189 pages

Distribution Theory

chapter 24|18 pages

Lectures on Political Economy

Lectures IX and X

chapter 25|12 pages

Rent, Profits, and Labour

A lecture

chapter 27|6 pages

‘On Cottier Rents’

chapter 29|26 pages

‘The Rate of Wages’

chapter 30|18 pages

‘Work and the Workman’

An address to the Trades' Union Congress'

chapter 31|26 pages

The Ricardian Theory of Rent

Sections I–III