First published in 2004. This is a collection of carefully selected works and material, attempts to extend the current state of scholarship in the area of Irish Political Economy. The range and variety of material presented should be of interest not only to students of economic thought but also to those working in such fields as Irish Studies, history, politics, sociology and intellectual history. Volume 4 includes the area of policy and special topics.

chapter |21 pages

Introduction to Volume IV

ByTom Boylan, Tadhg Foley

part 1|92 pages


chapter 49|7 pages

‘On the Expediency of Protecting Irish Manufactures’

ByJohn O’Hagan

chapter 50|16 pages

‘Protection to Home Industry’ 1

chapter 53|9 pages

‘The Self-Dependence of the Working Classes Under the Law of Competition’

ByThomas Edward Cliffe Leslie

chapter 54|5 pages

‘Ireland In Transition Land tenure’

ByJohn E. Cairnes

chapter 55|17 pages

‘Political Economy and Laissez-Faire’ 1

ByJohn E. Cairnes

part 2|22 pages


chapter 57|7 pages

‘The Over-Population Fallacy Considered’

ByJames A. Lawson

chapter 58|13 pages


ByFrederick G. Evelyn

part 3|62 pages

Emigration and Colonization

chapter 59|22 pages

‘Emigration’ 1

ByMountifort Longfield

chapter 60|21 pages

Letter ‘To the Right Hon. Lord Eliot, on Colonisation’

ByRobert Torrens

chapter 61|17 pages

‘Political Economy and Emigration’ 1

ByThomas Edward Cliffe Leslie

part 4|51 pages

Poor Law

chapter 62|22 pages

Four Lectures on Poor Laws

Preface, lectures I and II
ByMountifort Longfield

chapter 64|10 pages

‘Free Trade and the Poor Laws Incompatible’

BySamuel O’Sullivan

part 5|71 pages


chapter 65|14 pages

Three Lectures on Commerce, and One on Absenteeism

Lecture IV and appendix
ByMountifort Longfield

chapter 66|7 pages


ByRichard Hussey Walsh

chapter 67|16 pages

‘Absenteeism Economically Considered’

ByJohn P. Vereker

chapter 68|9 pages

‘On Irish Absenteeism’

ByWilliam Neilson Hancock

chapter 69|3 pages

‘Thoughts on Reading the Hon. John P. Vereker's Paper on Absenteeism’

ByEbenezer Shackleton

chapter 70|6 pages

‘Observations Upon the Economic Effects of Absenteeism on Ireland’

ByAndrew John Maley

chapter 71|14 pages


Its social and economic effects upon Ireland
BySamuel O’Sullivan

part 6|14 pages


chapter 72|12 pages

‘The Economic Basis of Slavery’

ByJohn E. Cairnes

part 7|42 pages


chapter 73|7 pages

‘Employment of Women in Ireland’

ByEdward Gibson

chapter 74|24 pages

The Emancipation of Women From Existing Industrial Disabilities

Considered in its economic aspect
ByArthur Houston

chapter 75|9 pages

‘The Extension of the Field for the Employment of Women’

ByArthur Houston

part 8|32 pages


chapter 76|3 pages

Extract from ‘Professor Hearn's Lecture’

ByWilliam E. Hearn

chapter 77|19 pages

Political Economy as a Branch of General Education

ByJohn E. Cairnes