First published in 2004. This set of 3 volumes collects together for the first time rare and scattered material on the history of pre-cinema. It includes articles on stereoscopic photography; the use of kaleidoscopes; optical illusions; theatre design; magic lanterns and mirrors; shadow theatre, and much more. The articles are taken from sources such as The Magazine of Science, The Art Journal, The British Journal of Photography, Scientific American, American Journal of Science and Arts, and The Mirror. Volume 1 includes the areas of Camera Obscura to Chronophotography and Optical Toys and Devices Magic Mirrors.

part 1|217 pages

From camera obscura to chronophotography

part |4 pages

Camera obscura

part |8 pages


part |179 pages


part 2|111 pages

Optical, philosophical toys

chapter |2 pages

[Thaumatrope], John Bull 24 April 1825