First published in 2008. This is Volume V of Women and Empire, 1750-1939 a series on Primary Sources on Gender and Anglo-Imperialism, and is a collection of women’s writing in and on Canada as a space of the British Empire.

part 1|35 pages

Imperial Sentiment

chapter 1|1 pages

The Week

Patriotism Versus Cosmopolitanism.

chapter 4|7 pages

Women of Canada

Their Life and Work

chapter 5|3 pages

Imperial Patriotism.

part 2|69 pages

Travel and Ethnography

chapter 12|6 pages

A Social Departure

How Orthodocia and I Went Round the World by Ourselves

chapter 15|3 pages

A Pagan in St. Paul's Cathedral

Iroquois Poetess' Impressions in London's Cathedral

chapter 17|8 pages

My Canada

part 3|78 pages


chapter 23|9 pages

The Empire of Larger Hope

part 4|42 pages

Women's Work for Empire: Institutions, Ideology, Citizenship

chapter 33|3 pages

Thirty Years of Girls' Friendly Society Imperial WorK.

(Read by the Hon. Mrs. Joyce, at the G.F.S. Imperial Conference at York, July 17th, 1912.)