Assessing Competencies for Social and Emotional Learning explores the conceptualization, development, and application of assessments of competencies and contextual factors related to social and emotional learning (SEL). As programs designed to teach students social and emotional competencies are being adopted at an ever‐increasing rate, new measurements are needed to understand their impact on student attitudes, behaviors, and academic performance. This book integrates standards of fairness, reliability, and validity, and lessons learned from personality and attitude assessment to facilitate the principled development and use of SEL assessments. Education professionals, assessment developers, and researchers will be better prepared to systematically develop and evaluate measures of social and emotional competencies.

chapter Chapter 1|5 pages

Introducing Assessing Competencies for Social and Emotional Learning

Conceptualization, Development, and Applications

part II|90 pages


chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

Self-report and Observer Ratings

Item Types, Measurement Challenges, and Techniques of Scoring

chapter Chapter 9|16 pages

When Actions Speak Louder than Words

Stealth Assessment of Social and Emotional Skills

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Connecting Measurement and Action

Reporting Results in the SEL Context

part III|82 pages


chapter Chapter 13|17 pages

School Climate Assessments

Measuring the Conditions that Support Students' Social and Emotional Competencies

chapter Chapter 14|15 pages

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills Cannot Thrive on Shaky Foundations

Preventing and Detecting Mental Health Problems in School-Based Programs

chapter Chapter 15|7 pages

Social and Emotional Learning Assessment

Building a Rigorous Foundation in Support of an Innovative, Equitable Future