At a critical point in the development of photography, this book offers an engaging, detailed and far-reaching examination of the key issues that are defining contemporary photographic culture. Photography Reframed addresses the impact of radical technological, social and political change across a diverse set of photographic territories: the ontology of photography; the impact of mass photographic practice; the public display of intimate life; the current state of documentary, and the political possibilities of photographic culture. These lively, accessible essays by some of the best writers in photography together go deep into the most up-to-date frameworks for analysing and understanding photographic culture and shedding light on its histories. Photography Reframed is a vital road map for anyone interested in what photography has been, what it has become, and where it is going.

part I|35 pages

New Ontologies

chapter 1|5 pages

Technology and Interaction

Penelope Umbrico's TVs from Craigslist

chapter 3|4 pages

Archival Measures

Photography Collections in a New Media Age

chapter 4|8 pages

The Grain of Ephemera/Event

Thinking Digital Archive through Photography

chapter 5|5 pages

Tomorrow's Headlines Are Today's Fish and Chip Papers

Some Thoughts on 'Response-ability'

part II|45 pages

Mass Culture and the Politics of Distinction

chapter 7|14 pages

The Photographer as Reader

The Aspirational Amateur in the Photo-Magazines

chapter 8|12 pages

Mrs Wagner's Aspirations

The Album as Monument

chapter 9|8 pages

When is a Cliché not a Cliché?

Reconsidering Mass-produced Sunsets

part III|51 pages

(Networked) Society and the Spectacle

chapter 10|5 pages

The Shirt Off His Back

Male Torsos on Display in Contemporary Visual Culture

chapter 12|9 pages

What a Body Can Do

From the Frenzy of the Communicative to the Visual Bond

chapter 13|8 pages

Hating Habermas

On Exhibitionism, Shame and Life on the Actually Existing Internet

chapter 14|18 pages

Paradise Lost

Exhibitionism and the Work of Nan Goldin

part IV|50 pages

Documentary Photography and Global Crisis

chapter 15|9 pages

The Déjà Vu of September 11

An Essay on Inter-iconicity

chapter 16|11 pages

Facing War

Photography and Humanism

chapter 17|7 pages

War Primers

chapter 18|11 pages

Immigration Photography in Italy

chapter 19|10 pages

Landscape Photography's 'New Humanism'

part V|58 pages

Citizens? Photography, Resistance and Control

chapter 20|9 pages

Dead End Streets

Photography, Protest and Social Control

chapter 21|9 pages

Escaping the Panopticon

chapter 22|10 pages

'You Don't Even Represent Us'

Picturing the Moscow Protests

chapter 23|10 pages

Occupy the Image

chapter |2 pages