The Handbook of Photography Studies is a state-of-the-art overview of the field of photography studies, examining its thematic interests, dynamic research methodologies and multiple scholarly directions. It is a source of well-informed, analytical and reflective discussions of all the main subjects that photography scholars have been concerned with as well as a rigorous study of the field’s persistent expansion at a time when digital technology regularly boosts our exposure to new and historical photographs alike.

Split into five core parts, the Handbook analyzes the field’s histories, theories and research strategies; discusses photography in academic disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts; draws out the main concerns of photographic scholarship; interrogates photography’s cultural and geopolitical influences; and examines photography’s multiple uses and continued changing faces. Each part begins with an introductory text, giving historical contextualization and scholarly orientation.

Featuring the work of international experts, and offering diverse examples, insights and discussions of the field’s rich historiography, the Handbook provides critical guidance to the most recent research in photography studies. This pioneering and comprehensive volume presents a systematic synopsis of the subject that will be an invaluable resource for photography researchers and students from all disciplinary backgrounds in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

chapter |17 pages


Photography Studies’ Prehistory, Formation, and Evolution

part One|95 pages

Histories and Approaches

part |93 pages

Studying Photography in Shifting Academic Landscapes

chapter Chapter One|17 pages

A Canonical History of Photography

chapter Chapter Two|16 pages

The Social History of Photography

chapter Chapter Three|20 pages

The Eye-Witness of Humanity

Changing Approaches to Photography's Relationship to Society and Culture

chapter Chapter Four|18 pages

Photographic Itineraries in Time and Space

Photographs as Material Objects

chapter Chapter Five|17 pages

Forces and Forms

Theories and Methods in the History of Photography

part Two|91 pages

Inter/Disciplinary Concerns

part |89 pages

Disciplining Photography and Reframing Disciplinary Interests

chapter Chapter Six|17 pages

Photography in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Intersections, Research Modes, and Prospects

chapter Chapter Seven|15 pages

After Photography as Contemporary Art

chapter Chapter Eight|16 pages

Photography after Philosophy

chapter Chapter Nine|17 pages

Photography and the Business of Doing History

chapter Chapter Ten|19 pages

Archaeology and Photography

part Three|120 pages

Issues and Debates

part |118 pages

Enduring Concerns in Photography Studies

chapter Chapter Eleven|21 pages

Politics and Photography

Being Together, with Photographs

chapter Chapter Twelve|20 pages

Photography and the Making of Modern Science

chapter Chapter Thirteen|18 pages

Photography as a Cultural Industry

A Historical-Theoretical Overview

chapter Chapter Fourteen|19 pages

Site of Ongoing Struggle

Race and Gender in Studies of Photography

chapter Chapter Fifteen|18 pages

Objects of Denigration and Desire

Taking the Amateur Photographer Seriously

chapter Chapter Sixteen|17 pages

Photography Meets Social Media

Image Making and Sharing in a Continually Networked Present

part Four|122 pages

Culture and Geopolitics

part |120 pages

Global and Local Forces in Photography Studies

chapter Chapter Seventeen|18 pages

Australian Photographic Histories After Colonialism

chapter Chapter Eighteen|16 pages

Beyond Orientalism

Toward a History of Indigenista Photography in the Arab World

chapter Chapter Nineteen|22 pages

Photography's Appearances in China

chapter Chapter Twenty|21 pages

From Authenticity to Intimacy

Practicing Photography and Studying its History in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic

chapter Chapter Twenty-One|21 pages

Photographic Histories and Practices in Southern Africa

chapter Chapter Twenty-Two|16 pages

American Photographic Indicators

Addressing the Photo-Political State of a Contested Union

part Five|117 pages

Uses and Interactions

part |115 pages

Photography's Changing Faces

chapter Chapter Twenty-Three|20 pages

Viewing and Display

Pre-Photography to the 1970s

chapter Chapter Twenty-Four|17 pages

Representing News with Photographs

A Visual Economy

chapter Chapter Twenty-Five|20 pages

Photographs at/of/and Museums

chapter Chapter Twenty-Six|17 pages

“Working Objects in Their Own Time”

Photographs in Archives

chapter Chapter Twenty-Seven|18 pages

Domestic Collections

chapter Chapter Twenty-Eight|18 pages

Future Technology in Photography

From Capture to Use of Images