Those who regard him as a “doom and gloom” critic will find an unexpected Chomsky in these pages. Here the world-renowned author speaks for the first time in depth about his career in activism, and his views and tactics. Chomsky offers new and intimate details about his life-long experience as an activist, revealing him as a critic with deep convictions and many surprising insights about movement strategies. The book points to new directions for activists today, including how the crises of the Coronavirus and the economic meltdown are exploding in the critical 2020 US presidential election year. Readers will find hope and new pathways toward a sustainable, democratic world.

part 1|52 pages

Reflections on a Life of Activism

part 2|72 pages

Movements Matter

chapter 3|3 pages

Coming Together

Organizing for Survival with Justice

chapter 4|3 pages

Enhanced Exploitation

The Neoliberal Project

chapter 5|8 pages

Identity Politics and Class Politics

Common Interests, Labor, and Collective Action

chapter 6|9 pages

Activists and Evangelicals

Organizing across the Cultural Divide

chapter 8|12 pages

Activism and Fascism

Then and Now

chapter 9|12 pages

Activists, Movements, and Electoral Politics

The Critique of Anti-Trumpism

chapter 12|2 pages

Overcoming Isolation and Powerlessness

Movements and Community

part 3|32 pages

100 Seconds to Midnight

part 4|37 pages

Reflections from Activists

chapter 17|2 pages

Celebrating Chomsky

Challenging the Opposition to History

chapter 18|3 pages

Never Meet Your Heroes?

chapter 19|2 pages

So We Turned to Noam

chapter 20|2 pages

Never Lose Faith in Humanity

chapter 24|2 pages

Mind and Hearts Cracked Open

chapter 25|4 pages

He Has Never Stopped