The present collection contains papers of the first national workshop organised by the All India Progressive Forum (AIPF) on '21st Century Socialism' in Hyderabad. Socialism is a controversial issue, rendered more controversial by the great collapse of the Soviet Union and the East European socialist regimes. The collapse has reignited the controversies on the nature, path and viability of socialism in its many interpretations. In the meantime the scientific and technological revolution has added new features to the theory of social transformation, and has reopened many issues settled by history of individual revolution. The papers discuss many old and new aspects of socialism, social revolution and transformation. They also seek to add many new features. They particularly emphasize the notion that socialism of '21st century' will be different, in many crucial ways, than that of the 20th century.
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chapter |2 pages


ByAnil Rajimwale, M. Vijaya Kumar

chapter 1|28 pages

Socialism in the 21st Century

The Basic Questions
ByAnil Rajimwale

chapter 2|31 pages

Socialism in the 21st Century

ByM. Vijaya Kumar

chapter 3|4 pages

Research in Human Health and Relevance of Dialectics

BySoma Marla

chapter 4|26 pages

October Revolution

Facts and Fiction
ByY. V. Krishna Rao

chapter 5|11 pages

India’s Path to Socialism

ByYugal J. Rayalu

chapter 6|22 pages

Socialism in the 20th Century

A Reassessment
ByRameshwar Dass, Laxman Singh Shekhawat

chapter 7|5 pages

Socialism in the 21st Century

ByC.R. Bakshi

chapter 8|10 pages

Gender Question in Marxist Paradigm

ByKrishna Jha

chapter 9|5 pages

Democracy and the Renewal of Socialism

ByIshwar Singh Dost

chapter 10|3 pages

21st Century Socialism

ByKhagendra Thakur

chapter 11|7 pages

Globalisation and Prospect of Socialism in the 21st Century

ByBhanudeb Dutta

chapter 12|3 pages

Socialism in the 21st Century

ByRam Narsimha Rao

chapter 13|5 pages

Impact of Neoliberal Globalisation on the Working Class

ByH. Mahadevan

chapter |14 pages

Discussion and Conclusion

ByAnil Rajimwale, M. Vijaya Kumar