Originally published in 1988, Appraising Teachers in Schools considers and provides advice on the introduction of staff appraisal in schools.

Following the publication of the 1987 Pay and Conditions of Employment and written by contributors with practical experience of introducing staff appraisal into schools, the book provides guidance on the introduction of staff appraisal across a range of schools; outlines a planning process for the establishment of staff appraisal; and offers suggestions for how to prepare for the appraisal process. It covers both primary and secondary education in a variety of larger and smaller schools.

Appraising Teachers in Schools will appeal to those with an interest in the history of education and the history of staff appraisal in schools in particular.

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

Appraisal and the Search for Accountability

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

The Appraisal of Teachers

chapter Chapter 4|14 pages

Practical Appraisal in Primary Schools

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Appraisal and the Headteacher

chapter Chapter 10|10 pages

Classroom Observation