This important and timely book provides an overview of climate change and highlights the importance of including climate change education in primary schools. It emphasises the importance of cross-curricular pedagogical approaches with a focus on climate justice, providing in-depth assistance for teaching children aged 3–13 years.

Informed by up to date research, the book helps teachers to remain faithful to climate change science whilst not overwhelming children. Accompanied by online resources, this book includes practical and easy to follow ideas and lesson plans that will help teachers to include climate change education in their classrooms in a holistic, cross-curricular manner. Specific chapters address the following topics:

• Inter-disciplinary approaches to climate change

• Early childhood education

• Pedagogies of hope

• The importance of reflective practice

• Ideas for including climate change education in curricular areas such as literacy, geography, science, history and the arts

Designed to promote climate change education in primary schools, this resource will help primary teachers, student teachers, geography specialists and all those interested in climate change education develop their own conceptual knowledge and that of the children in their class.

chapter |6 pages


ByAnne M. Dolan

section Section 1|80 pages

Theory and philosophical approaches

chapter 81|20 pages

Teaching climate change

Setting the context
ByAnne M. Dolan

chapter 2|17 pages

A thematic approach to teaching climate change

ByFionnuala Tynan

chapter 4|12 pages

A reflective approach to climate change education

ByKathleen Horgan

chapter 5|15 pages

Early beginnings

Fostering positive dispositions towards climate education in early years classrooms
ByDeirdre Breatnach, Mary Moloney, Jennifer Pope

section Section 2|32 pages

Climate change education: Literacy-based approaches

chapter 7|11 pages

Listening, re-acting and acting

Stories from plants and animals to elicit empathy and dialogue about climate change, in the classroom and beyond
ByMiriam Hamilton

section Section 3|76 pages

Climate change education: STEAM

chapter 11|16 pages

Do you see what I see?

A visual lens for exploring climate change
ByAnne Marie Morrin

chapter 12|13 pages

The Grow Room

An artistic exploration of climate change
ByTanya de Paor

section Section 4|110 pages

Climate change education: Pedagogies of hope and action

chapter 19614|17 pages

Geography, global learning and climate justice

Geographical aspects of teaching climate change
ByAnne M. Dolan

chapter 15|12 pages

Exploring climate change with an historical lens

ByAnne M. Dolan, Eileen O'Sullivan

chapter 16|12 pages

Climate change education through active citizenship

ByMargaret Nohilly

chapter 17|9 pages

Ecological awareness

A cornerstone to developing a healthy Christian spirituality
ByMaurice Harmon

chapter 19|14 pages

Negotiating environmental protection through drama

ByMargaret O'Keeffe, Joanna Parkes

chapter 20|12 pages

Moving towards change

The contribution of physically educated communities
ByRichard Bowles

chapter 21|21 pages

Pedagogy of hope

Futures teaching for climate change
ByAnne M. Dolan