'This book offers an excellent guide for all those committed to the provision of high quality field teaching and assessment in the human services. The international line-up of top contributors confirms the widespread importance now given to field education.'

Professor David Howe, University of East Anglia

'This is an impressive collection of wisdom, reflections and practical advice. It is comprehensive and clearly written. The various authors address issues which are pertinent to field education globally.'

Joan Orme, University of Southampton

How do students learn from fieldwork experiences? How can supervisors assist students doing fieldwork?

Fieldwork in the Human Services is a practical guide for educators and managers involved in supervising field education. Drawing on the experience of academics, clinicians and educators from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, this collection explores how to make the most of the fieldwork experience.

With learning as the central theme, contributors examine the practical application of a range of learning theories and models of supervision. Management issues are also considered, as are working with cultural difference and legal and ethical aspects.

Fieldwork in the Human Services will be welcomed by anyone involved in field education in social work, health, community work, education, welfare and related fields.

section Section 1|109 pages

Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Field

chapter 1|7 pages

Overview of teaching, learning and assessment in the field

ByLesley Cooper, Lynne Briggs

chapter 2|16 pages

Teaching and learning in human services fieldwork

ByLesley Cooper

chapter 3|15 pages

Approaches to supervision in fieldwork

ByJill Wilson

chapter 4|14 pages

The supervisory relationship

ByElizabeth Beddoe

chapter 5|15 pages

The competency approach

ByJohn Hopkins, Lesley Cooper

chapter 7|12 pages

Assessment of performance

ByLesley Hughes, Karen Heycox

chapter 8|14 pages

Working with cultural difference

ByRosemary Smart, Maurice Manawaroa Gray

section Section 2|64 pages

The Responsibilities of Fieldwork Management

chapter 9|4 pages

Overview of responsibilities of fieldwork management

ByLynne Briggs, Lesley Cooper

chapter 10|14 pages

Legal responsibility and liability in fieldwork

BySteven Shardlow

chapter 11|14 pages

Ethics in fieldwork

ByLynne Briggs, Raylee Kane

chapter 13|15 pages

Innovative field options

ByHelen Cleak, Linette Hawkins, Lew Hess

section Section 3|76 pages

Practical Suggestions

chapter 14|5 pages

Overview of practical suggestions

ByLynne Briggs, Lesley Cooper

chapter 15|13 pages

Managing fieldwork

ByDiana Moore

chapter 16|10 pages

Students at risk in the field

ByNarda Razack

chapter 18|11 pages

Negotiated learning contracts

ByGayla Rogers, Paul Langevin

chapter 19|12 pages

Reflective learning and supervision

ByGwen Ellis

chapter 20|12 pages

Working with male students in field education

ByKen McMaster