Tom was the only adult who gave me the attention and affection that I so badly needed. I loved his caresses and the times he comforted me. I loved talking to him because he was the only adult who listened and understood. - Neil's Story

From Victim to Offender shows how victims of child sexual abuse become juvenile and adult offenders. The stories told by these offenders reveal the vulnerability of boys to paedophiles and pederasts who provide the male attention lacking in some children's home lives. They show how early sexualisation damages children's sexual development, their relationships and their adult lives. The story of a female offender reveals that this problem is not confined to boys.

These stories highlight the inadequacy of current child protection programs for the protection of boys. The editor's introduction and the chapter from a psychologist who specialises in the treatment of offenders emphasise the need to improve child protection and treatment programs for offenders.

From Victim to Offender offers unique insights into the experiences of victims and offenders of sexual abuse, and is essential reading for professionals who are concerned about child protection and those responsible for the rehabilitation of offenders.

chapter 1|17 pages

Perspectives on child molesters

ByKevin M. Wallis

chapter 2|23 pages

In search of love

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 3|21 pages

Unholy orders

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 4|38 pages

Children in the ‘care and protection’ of the State

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 5|20 pages

Little Jim

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 6|10 pages

'It did me no harm—I did no harm'

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 7|7 pages

Child prostitution and the law

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 8|15 pages

The greatest taboo of all

ByFreda Briggs

chapter 9|11 pages

One law for the rich and another for the rest of us

ByFreda Briggs