At a time of increasing demands on budgets, governments around the world are seeking to reduce health expenditure and introduce market-oriented reforms to the health sector. This is leading to profound shifts in the relationship between the state and the individual, as policy makers dismantle the welfare state and move towards a user-pays sytem.

Health Policy in the Market State offers an overview of health policy in Australia, locating it within the broader context of power and interests analysis and shifts in government policy and public sector restructuring. It outlines the key issues in current health policy and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of specific policies and programs.

Contributors include Ian Anderson and Maggie Brady, Mary Draper, Stephen Duckett, Liz Eckerman, Sophie Hill, Sharon Moore, Michael Muetzelfeldt, Janine Smith and Beth Wilson.

Health Policy in the Market State is a valuable overview for students, as well as a comprehensive reference for health professionals and policy-makers.

part I|52 pages

Analysing Health Policy

part II|59 pages

Financing Health

part III|56 pages

Market State Reform Agendas

part IV|103 pages

Catering for the Diversity of Health Care Needs and Interests